Top 5 Web Hosting News Sources

Wondering where to find the best web hosting and cloud computing news websites? Have you been putting the latest web hosting news on your blog? Finding it hard to get news from a reliable source that is updated regularly? They’re difficult to find if you don’t know where to look!

Look no further. We put together a list of the top 5 web hosting news websites. Check these web hosting news websites out and subscribe via RSS feed to any that appeal to you!

Top 5 Web Hosting News Websites

1. The Hosting News


The Hosting News is updated several times a day with the latest news in web hosting, cloud computing, big data, and more. There are some great, informative blog posts here as well.

They’re usually the top ranking when you search for web hosting news stories. This should be your first stop when looking for web hosting news.

2. HostReview


We check out HostReview to round out our news consumption. You can find news on web hosting industry trends and changes as well as news about the cloud here.

The website design is a little outdated, but the information is quality.

3. Best Host News


Best Host News is a good source for up to date news on web hosting and related topics. It’s not updated as often as some of the other news sites on this list, but always has good, quality information.

We’d recommend Best Host News to anyone looking for concise, reliable news.

4. MyHostNews


MyHostNews provides good coverage of news surrounding the web hosting and data industries. You can find up to date articles and news stories on this site.

Also on the site are a ton of reviews, interviews, and guides related to web hosting. You’re sure to find something of interest.

5. The Whir


We love The Whir for finding the best interviews in the web hosting industry, but they also provide daily news coverage with regular updates. The Whir, along with The Hosting News, are two of our favorite news sites to check for up to date web hosting news. You won’t be disappointed!

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