The Advantage of Finding Website Design and Hosting in the Same Place

webdesign-ball-and-hostingSome website designers offer hosting through another company because they’re experts in design, but not hosting, while some hosting companies do the same with design. Neither circumstance is necessarily bad, but you do need to make sure you’re getting the best of both worlds.

It doesn’t do much good to hire the best designer in in the world if your hosting isn’t good enough to support your site. When it comes to website design and hosting, you need an expert capable of creating the site you need and providing the best hosting to support the site.

What Else Should You Consider?

Of course, website design and hosting won’t get you to the finish line. The best website in the world, with the best hosting doesn’t provide success. You still need the right type of marketing and for most websites, this means the help of a professional search engine optimization or SEO firm.

Marketing is a vital part of any online business. With the right web design, hosting and SEO team, you can find the success you deserve. However, choosing the wrong team can drain your wallet without providing much of a return on your investment.

The Benefits of One Team for All Three

Usually, you’d find the best hosting company in the business to provide your hosting, the best web designer for the actual site and the best SEO team for the marketing. However, getting all three from one company with experts in each industry can provide major advantages.

Most designers want to sell you hosting because this is how they make more money and, in some cases, a recurring income. There’s nothing wrong with this, until they start pushing you into hosting you don’t need because it pays them more money. They may even try to do this with an SEO service or they may try to sell you a service that’s less than what you need.

You need experts working together towards the goal of a great website design for your needs, on the best hosting, with the exact SEO services you need. When the entire team is working together, it’s much easier to keep everybody on task and working for you instead of their own wallets.

What do you Really Need?

Most business owners don’t know what they really need when it comes to a website and they shouldn’t be expected to know. It’s the job of a professional web designer to make recommendations to fit the needs of the business owner. You may not be familiar with things, such as a content management system, WordPress themes, 3D scrolling animation, shopping cart solutions and the many other things you need.

You don’t need to know about all of these things if you hire the right professional to handle your design needs. An expert designer will take care of all your needs and the final product will provide the perfect look, function and overall theme for your business website.

Of course, you need the combination of website design and hosting to provide the right foundation for the online portion of your business. After the site has been created, it needs a place to live, which is where hosting comes in. A professional web design and hosting company will pair your site perfectly with the right hosting package for your needs.

Marketing is the final variable in the formula for success, but it starts before the website has been designed. When the SEO experts work closely with the website designers, they can create an aesthetically pleasing website with the right SEO components for better ranking. Great SEO starts with design, works its way into the content and provides ongoing support to ensure excellent ranking on the top search engines.

Website Design, Hosting and SEO – The All-in-One Solution

ITX Design provides the best web hosting in the industry ranging from shared hosting packages to large dedicated server packages. Not only will ITX provide great hosting, but also excellent web design with all the tools you need for success. The SEO experts at ITX Design work with the designers to create the best website possible to fit with the image of your business and the overall needs of your company.

Creating a website needs to include more than just a few graphics thrown on a page with a “buy now” button. Your site is the online face of your business and you need a combination of experts working in the website design, hosting and SEO field to set your website up for success.

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