Adding a PayPal Donate Button to your WordPress Blog

One of the ways you can help supplement the upkeep of your blog is through “PayPal donations” and that requires a donate button. Understanding how to add this button to your WordPress website can help in many ways. Whether you’re running a non-profit blog or you just want to allow your followers to support your project, you can use the PayPal donation button.

How to Create Your PayPal Donate Button

You will need to have a PayPal Account to create a PayPal Donate button. If you don’t’ have one, go to and create your account. You will also need to upgrade to a Premier or Business account with PayPal. This will allow you to accept payments through PayPal buttons.

After you have logged into your account, you will want to find the “Merchant Services” section from the top menu.

PayPal Merchant Services

Once you’ve found this page, you will need to click on the “Create payment buttons for your website.” This will take you to the section where you will be able to create any type of PayPal button including the donation button.

Create A Button

Now, you will need to scroll down and click on the option for the donate button.

PayPal Donate Button

From the next screen, you can add your organization name/service, a donation ID and customize the appearance of your button.

Customize Your Button

You can also choose to allow your donors to select the amount they want to donate or you can select to set a fixed amount.

Donor Selection Amount

If necessary, you can also adjust the advanced features. This will allow you to do more with your button. Once you’ve set all your options the way you want, click the “Create Button” button and you will be taken to a page with the code you need for inserting the button on your WordPress website.

Button Code Page

How to Insert your PayPal Donation Button into your WordPress Website

If you want to add your donation button to a specific post, you can do so with the website code for your PayPal button. Just copy and paste this code in the position you want it to be within your post. Make sure you insert the code within the text editor or it won’t work.

Insert PayPal Button Into Post

You can also add the PayPal Donation button to your sidebar. This is easily done with the Text Widget. Go to Appearance >> Widgets within your dashboard. Here, you can drag and drop the text widget into the place you want to put your new PayPal Donation Button.

Now, just copy the code for your PayPal Donation Button into the text widget and save it.

Donation Button In Sidebar

Of course, you can also use the website code for your PayPal donation button with your pages. Whether you want to display this button just in the sidebar, in your footer, within a specific post, a page or in any other portion of your website, you can do so with the website code you created for your PayPal donation button.

Using a Plugin to Add your PayPal Donation Button

Another way to add your PayPal donation buttons throughout your website is with one of a few different plugins. You can choose from three different plugins including:

  • Donate Plus – This button will provide a donation form and will allow you to integrate PayPal into the process.
  • PayPal Donations – With an easy setup and PayPal integration, this plugin is a favorite for PayPal donation buttons.
  • Multi-Currency PayPal Donations – If you plan to accept donations in more than one currency, this is the best WordPress plugin for your needs. You may need multiple PayPal accounts in multiple countries to use this plugin in the best possible way.

All of these plugins will do the trick when you want to add your PayPal donation button to your WordPress blog. Whether you’re accepting donations for a charity or just to help support your blog, you can use the methods above to add PayPal donation buttons to your WordPress blog.

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