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mysql-hosting-logoWhat is MySQL Hosting?

MySQL hosting comes in many forms from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting. It’s any type of hosting that allows you to use MySQL databases, which are utilized by many of the best web applications, such as WordPress.

Most bloggers start with a shared MySQL hosting account and build up to VPS and dedicated server hosting as they gain more traffic. The majority of MySQL blog hosting companies use Linux as the operating system on their servers. Linux is an open source operating system providing the best performance, reliability and the most user-friendly choice.

Why is MySQL Hosting Important to Your Blog?

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to build an online business, market and gain new customers. Many bloggers use a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. This very popular blogging platform utilized MySQL databases, which are only fond with MySQL hosting accounts.

If you want to take advantage of the most popular and top blogging CMS on the planet, you need MySQL hosting. Without it, you will be stuck using a lesser blogging platform for your new blog.

Every Blogger Needs MySQL Hosting

If you plan to blog about your business, your life or anything else, you need MySQL hosting for your blog. This is simply the only way to go, for bloggers. Even many webmasters can utilize this type of hosting to create the best possible website design for their purposes.

The one major benefit bloggers gain from hosting with MySQL is the ability to use WordPress. This very powerful CMS provides a user-friendly option with many advantages over other blogging platforms. Some of the major advantages include:

  • Ability to Blog without Coding Knowledge – With WordPress, you don’t need to understand HTML or any other type of coding to create and manage a professional blog.
  • Loved by the Search Engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing love WordPress websites, especially when they utilize the right SEO plugins.
  • Incredibly Easy to Use – WordPress may be the easiest CMS on the planet. The interface is very straight forward and easy to learn.
  • Ability to Login From Anywhere – Since WordPress is a browser-based program, if you can get an internet connection, you can login.
  • Built-in Blog – If you’re not concerned about changing the theme, you can literally install WordPress and get started blogging immediately.
  • 100% Customizable – With thousands of free and premium themes, you can customize every part of your WordPress blog easily.
  • Very Scalable – Grow your business as your blog grows with the ability to create hundreds of thousands of blog posts and pages. Of course, you may need to upgrade your hosting when your blog gets too big for shared MySQL hosting.
  • Added Functionality – The thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins make it very easy to add functionality to your WordPress blog.

All of these benefits come only from WordPress. However, bloggers not using MySQL hosting cannot use WordPress. This means you would be stuck with another platform, such as, which simply doesn’t offer what you can get with a WordPress blog.

Getting Started with MySQL Shared Hosting

Beginners don’t need to start with VPS or dedicated hosting, unless they expect a large amount of traffic very fast. Most will start with shared MySQL hosting and grow from there.

At ITX Design, we offer three shared hosting packages and all allow you to use MySQL databases and WordPress. You don’t have to pay extra for this feature. Just choose the shared hosting account that fits best for you and gain all the benefits of our award-winning technical support team, 99.999% uptime guarantee and the ability to use WordPress for your blog.

As you grow or if you’re looking to move a larger blog from another hosting company, you may need to consider a dedicated MySQL server for your hosting. At ITX Design, we offer dedicated servers perfect for MySQL hosting. When you’re ready to upgrade or move from another hosting company, our team of experts will help you with the transfer. We ensure the least amount of downtime possible.

If you’re ready to start your own WordPress blog, choose one of our many MySQL hosting packages today.

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