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keyword-density-formula-seoShould You be Using a Keyword Density Formula?

Search engine optimization is a tricky thing. It used to be so much easier than it is today. In the old days, there was a magic keyword density formula for great SEO. Couple that with a ton of backlinks and you found your site listed high on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The world of SEO has changed. No longer do these outdated strategies work. Today, there’s not magical keyword density formula and you can’t just build as many backlinks as possible.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the percentage assigned to the number of times a keyword phrase is used on a web page. This also depends on the length of the content. However, it’s more than just the times a keyword phrase is used in the actual content. It includes tags, links and anything else on the page with the keyword phrase.

The keyword density formula is pretty simple to use. It’s simply the number of times you use the keyword phrase divided by the total words on the page. Ideally, you don’t want a keyword density of more than 3% or your website may be considered search spam.

Do you Need to Worry about Keyword Density?

Today, the best SEO formula doesn’t include a specific percentage or keyword density formula. The world of SEO has changed and this is no longer one of the things you should be concentrating your strategy around.

Instead of just using one keyword phrase and aiming for a 1% to 3% keyword density mark, you need to use a theme when creating content for your website. This means you cannot just stuff a keyword phrase all throughout your content.

Sites with the absolute best SEO don’t even worry about calculating their keyword density. They write naturally for the reader with keyword phrases and related phrases throughout the content. These phrases have to be used naturally and have to make sense.

Breaking Down a Better Keyword Strategy

The best way to create incredible content is with the right keyword strategy. It starts with an overall theme for the content instead of just a main keyword phrase. The theme could be very broad or it could be very narrow, depending on the type of content you’re creating.

An example of a good theme is, “How to Create Better SEO with Five Simple Tips”. This is, of course, a title, as well. However, you’ve made it clear to the reader what you will be discussing in the content. Your overall theme is creating better SEO and the main keyword would be SEO Tips.

Along with the main keyword, it’s important to use at least three secondary keywords. The longer your content, the more secondary keywords you will want to use to create the overall theme. Each secondary keyword needs to be used only once, but they have to fit within the content naturally.

With the SEO example, you could add secondary keyword such as:

  • SEO Tricks
  • Search engine optimization for Beginners
  • Better on-site SEO
  • Simple tips for SEO

These are just a few of the many examples that will fit within the overall theme. When creating content with a theme instead of just a main keyword, it becomes better for the reader and the search engines. Keyword density shouldn’t even matter, if this strategy is used properly.

Tips for Keyword Phrase Usage

Even though using a keyword density formula isn’t that important anymore, there are a few ways you should use keyword phrases for better on-page SEO. Here are a few of the most common things search engines look for on websites.

  • The keyword phrase on the page at least once
  • Use of the keyword phrase in the title (It could be split as SEO Tips is in our example from before.)
  • Use of the keyword phrase in the URL
  • Using the keyword phrase in at least one header

These are the best ways to use your keyword phrase. When the search engine robot comes to your site, they will look for specific things, which are factored into the overall algorithm. However, if you use your main keyword phrase and it doesn’t read naturally, you won’t rank well in any of the major search engines.

With any SEO strategy involving content, you must be very careful. Over use of any keyword phrase may cause issues and it’s always better to write for the reader and not the search engines. You no longer need to worry about a keyword density formula, but you do need to create high quality content.  High quality content is always key and it will help you to boost site ranking.

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