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Beat Your Competition with Professional Content Writing Services

Are you searching for high-quality content writing for your business website? Do you need a writer to handle a personal project? Our team will take care of all your content writing needs from daily blog posts to sales pages and more.

No matter what industry you work in or what your communication goals are, we can help you grow your business with high-quality content capable of making an impact.

Content is Still King

content is king
Ever since the beginning of the internet, content has been king. If you to climb up the search engine rankings, engage your visitors and dominate the social media scene, you need high-quality content. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a small, local business or you’re known across the globe, without engaging content, you’re losing money every single day.

The most successful websites and blogs use content marketing as one of their main strategies. With our help, you will have the right type of content to ensure your marketing plan provides the profits you desire.

It’s All About Quality

quality over quantity
High-quality content that delivers useful information to the reader will make an impact on your website and blog. However, if you choose writers that deliver lower-quality content, you may struggle to find your website in any of the search engines.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other top search engines reward high-quality content in all forms. They want to deliver the best possible experience to their users. With quality content from ITX Design, you won’t need to worry. We make sure every page and every post fits with your overall goal. Our professional content writers understand search engine optimization and keep up with the most current trends.

The Benefits of Quality Content

word count and rankings
An engaging blog post has the potential to go viral and be seen by millions of people. Social networking sites are one of the most powerful ways to reach any potential market. When you combine the power of your blog or website with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networking sites, you can gain new and repeat customers.

Imagine sharing a blog post and watching as your friends and followers share it all over the web. Traffic will flood in from places you never thought you could reach. However, this isn’t possible without high-quality and engaging content that readers actually want to share.

Quality content provides many benefits including:

  • Ability to engage readers and keep them on your site
  • Passively sell your products or serves through contextual links
  • Higher listings on major search engines for pages and posts
  • Gain credibility from website visitors
  • Inform and teach your target audience
  • Provides the opportunity to share through social networking sites
  • And More!

These are just a few of the many benefits of using a quality content writing service. Each page or post you add to your website or blog becomes a small traffic generator. Every page and post has the capability of high ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Imagine if you had 500 blog posts pulling in traffic every single day.

ITX Design Content Writing Rates and Plans

At ITX Design, we provide high-quality content writing from professional writers with years of experience. Our rates are simple:

  • $0.05/word or $32/page 700+words
  • * Rush orders available for delivery within 24 hours with a $10 rush fee – applies per page/post

We can handle any size order, whether you just need one 500 word page or you need hundreds of blog posts. Our writers are ready to help you gain an edge on your competition.

If you run a blog or a website with a blog, it’s not any good unless you post to it regularly. This can become stressful and time consuming. We can help lift this burden and make sure you receive high-quality blogs posts daily or weekly.

What Types of Projects can we Handle?

Our writers can handle just about any type of content writing you need including:

  • Web Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Sales Copy
  • SEO Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Ebooks
  • Content Written with Spin Syntax
  • And More!

Contact us today and let our writers provide all the quality content you need for your blog, website or any other type of project.

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