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game-server-hosting-controllerFive Important Factors to Consider with Game Server Hosting

Gaming is a massive industry and many gamers log on every day to enjoy their favorite game choices. Whether you want to be the administrator for a game or you just want to play with the best experience you need the right game server hosting.

Choosing the right hosting is hard enough, let alone choosing hosting for a new game. Many games have specific requirements or they won’t run properly. The best experience requires the right server and the right hosting company to support the server. Here are five important factors you must consider when searching for the right hosting for your game.

The Server

Shared and VPS hosting won’t work for most games. Problems will seem to never stop, as you experience the slow load times and the downtime associated with shared game hosting. The problem with this type of hosting is the bandwidth limit and the limited resources you receive. It may work okay for a few weeks, but once you eclipse your bandwidth limit, it won’t run any longer.

VPS hosting is a little better, but doesn’t provide enough space or bandwidth for some games. Again, you will be sharing a server, so you don’t gain full access to the resources. Both shared and VPS hosting don’t provide the necessary security for gamers, either.

The right server for gaming is a dedicated server. This type of server will allow you to customize the security and use all the resources for your game. You won’t have to worry about lag time or running out of bandwidth with a good dedicated server.

Server Monitoring

You can purchase your own dedicated server and monitor it yourself, but you have to sleep at some point. A managed dedicated server provides a better option for gamers. This type of server allows you to sleep easy knowing your server is monitored around the clock.

When you choose a managed dedicated server from a professional hosting company, they will provide a team of professionals to monitor your server every hour of every day. This benefit alone makes a managed dedicated server perfect for gaming.

Technical Support

Along with server monitoring, you need amazing technical support from a game server hosting company. This is vital to your overall success. There’s nothing worse than running into an issue you can’t solve with nobody to turn to for help.

With the right technical support, you’ll never be alone. You will be able to contact the support team at any minute and get answers to your questions. This is a vital part of any hosting decision, especially hosting for gamers.

Upgrade Options

What if you decide you want to add to the game or you want to add another game to your hosting? Some dedicated hosting companies only offer one size server. This means, you will need to switch companies if you need to upgrade.

Dedicated hosting companies with multiple server options work better for gamers. If you need more resources for any reason whatsoever, the transition to a larger server will go smoothly. Usually, the support team will take care of moving everything for you with the least downtime possible. Game server hosting requires multiple server options.


Of course, your budget plays a role in the overall decision for game hosting. You need to be able to afford the server, but you don’t want go get stuck with bad hosting. Cheap dedicated server hosting typically doesn’t work well for gamers because of the lack of support and outdated technology.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best managed dedicated game server, however. Just make sure the company you choose offers an affordable price, along with the best possible support on the planet.

Why Choose ITX Design for Your Game Server Hosting?

ITX Design has emerged as one of the top hosting choices for shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting options. Due to the incredible support team comprised of experts with over a decade of experience, you get amazing service with many benefits. Enjoy a 99.999% uptime guarantee, multiple dedicated hosting options, 24/7 server monitoring and the most up-to-date technology in the hosting industry.

When you trust your game server hosting to ITX Design, you will gain a partner with plenty of hosting experience. Concentrate on enjoying your gaming experience, while we take care of technical side of things. Contact our support team today and let us recommend the right dedicated server package for your specific needs.

What is the Best Game Server For Your Needs?

Gamers need the right equipment and technology or it can cause many issues with their games. Whether you love to play or you prefer to provide games, you may need a game server.

What is a Game Server?

A game server is simply the computer that houses all the information for a multiplayer video game. It may be used for tournaments or other events. The server must be able to transmit enough date to allow multiple clients to connect, maintain their own versions of the game and play whenever they want.

Types of Game Servers

Game servers come in three main types including:

  • Dedicated Server – This type of game server provides the most advantages because it has superior security and resources. A dedicated game server allows all the players to connect with separate clients programs to play an interactive game. They are often provided, maintained and monitored by a professional hosting company.
  • Listen Server – A listen server is a bit difference, but does function much like a dedicated server. However, they run in the same process as the game client does. These servers must also communicate with players through a residential internet connection. They don’t always support upload requirements of some games and there’s a player limit of 16 players, usually.
  • Peer-to-Peer – This type of game server has a number of disadvantages and is considered obsolete for any games with heavy action. However, peer-to-peer is still used for many games because of cost.

These three types of game servers can help with any gaming experience, but only one can be the best. Dedicated servers work best for gaming because they provide the most secure environment, fastest connections and the best overall experience for all the players.

Why Should You Choose a Dedicated Gaming Server?

One of the major fears in the gaming industry is downtime. This happens for a number of reasons. However, gamers may experience this when they run out of bandwidth. This happens when a game is run on the wrong type of server or a server too small for the specific game.

Often, downtime is the result of reaching your bandwidth limit with a shared, VPS or smaller dedicated hosting plan. However, if you choose the right dedicated server for your specific gaming needs, this will never be an issue.

Many gamers won’t even consider a dedicated server because of the higher cost of maintenance and the actual server. However, this cost can be offset by choosing a managed dedicated server from a professional hosting company. Even a managed dedicated server comes at a higher cost than shared or VPS hosting, however.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server for Gaming

Dedicated servers provide plenty of benefits for a number of applications. Specific to the gaming industry, you will experience the following benefits when choosing a dedicated gaming server.

  • Reduced Lag Time – Dedicated servers provide more resources and reduce the lag time when you play games.
  • Secure Gaming Environment – Have you ever been hacked during a game? It’s not fun for anybody. With a dedicated server, you get the best and most secure gaming environment possible.
  • Full-time System Administrator – As long as you choose a managed dedicated server, it will be monitored around the clock by a team of hosting professionals.

Many other benefits come along with using a dedicated server for your gaming experience. Some high action games won’t run correctly in any other hosting environment and other games are simply a better experience with this type of game server.

Dedicated Game Servers from ITX Design

Gaining the best gaming experience possible requires the top support team and the best dedicated server possible At ITX Design, we back up all of our dedicated server with an award-winning technical support team available 24/7/365. Our team of professionals monitors and maintains your server every hour, of every day. This means, you can concentrate on leveling up and enjoying your game.

If you want the ultimate gaming experience, you need a dedicated server. This type of hosting is by far the best choice for a game server. Gain the benefits of the best server for gaming, along with the top technical support team on the planet with one of the dedicated server hosting packages from ITX Design today.

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