ITX Design VPS Solutions In a Nutshell (Top to Bottom Analysis)

What is Virtual Server Hosting?

Have you heard of virtual server hosting or VPS hosting?

This is a newer kind of hosting that helps to fill the price and feature gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

When you use virtual server hosting you get many of the same benefits of having your own dedicated server without the high price tag.

It is important to consider all of your hosting option when deciding on a package to start off with or deciding to upgrade.

Sometimes the leap from shared hosting to a dedicated server is necessity, but sometimes your budget will not support it as well as you would like. This is where virtual server hosting comes in.

VPS hosting can be great for those trying to start out with a website online or it can be the perfect upgrade when shared hosting just is not enough anymore.

Bloggers, webmasters, corporations, online stores, small businesses, individuals, and many others can use virtual server hosting as a huge benefit to their project.

Getting the Best Virtual Server Hosting

The best part about getting virtual server hosting is you don’t have to share a server in the same way as with shared hosting. When you sign up for a shared hosting account, you are put on a server with many other hosting accounts. You share this server in an unequal way that can cause slow load times and even downtime.

With virtual server hosting you still share a server, but instead of floating around on it with all the other hosting accounts, you have a specific partition of resources assigned to your hosting account only. This allows for custom security options, custom control panel options, and more speed for your website or blog.

In order to get the best virtual server hosting, you must find a very reliable company with plenty of tools to help you manage your account. This is very important because the companies that are not so reliable will still cause your server to crash more often than necessary and can still cause you more downtime than you need.

hostingBeing Sure Your Virtual Server Hosting is Right for You

Even though we recommend a specific company for your virtual server hosting does not mean you should use them.

It’s important to compare at least three top companies that provide VPS hosting.

If you don’t take the time to compare a few companies you may find that your hosting is not as good as you were hosting and you could have chosen a better company.

Choose three or more companies and take a few minutes to compare the features, tools, and the price. Then, read a few reviews about all of them before you make your final decision.

If you still end up choosing our top choice for your virtual server hosting, so be it.

Virtual Private Server Hosting – The Breakdown

Virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting is one of the most economical choices for your hosting needs. It can provide you with many of the same benefits as dedicated server hosting without the high cost. The key is to understand what situations work best for this type of hosting and how it really works.

With virtual private server hosting you get a partition of a server instead of floating around on it like you do with shared hosting. The resources of that partition are not shared with anybody and they are all yours to use for your websites and blogs. This partition can come in many different sizes and that is one of the many benefits of virtual private server hosting.

Another thing you are able to do with VPS hosting is customize your security. With shared hosting, you get the necessary security you need, but if one account gets hacked all the other accounts become vulnerable. This is the case with VPS hosting and you will be able to protect your partition in any way you need to.

The Right Situations for Virtual Private Server Hosting

Situation #1 – Small Business Websites

Small businesses cannot always afford the high costs of dedicated servers and this is why virtual private server hosting is perfect for them.

Getting the higher level of security is often a necessity and many small businesses have plans to grow over time. With VPS hosting, you can grow and build your hosting at the same time.

You will be able to start off with a smaller VPS package and move up as you need more space and resources.

This alone, makes it very easy for small businesses to manage and allows you to concentrate on the things that are most important.

Situation #2 – Serious Bloggers

Bloggers can benefit from virtual private server hosting quite a bit because of the security and the extra speed compared to shared hosting. Again, the ability to grow over time fits well with the blogger, too. Every single time you add a post, video, or picture to your blog it takes up space. This means sooner or later you will need more space and you can upgrade with VPS hosting to get it.

Situation #3 – Internet Marketers

Most internet marketers will start with shared hosting, but this will become more of a hassle than a benefit as you get larger. With many websites and blogs to manage you will need more speed and security. The last thing you want is for one site to get hacked and that to cause even more of your websites to get hacked.

The internet marketer is another person that can benefit from the way VPS hosting is set up. You can start for under $10 a month, much like shared hosting, and as you gain more websites and blogs, you can bump up your package for more space and resources. This is the perfect business model for VPS hosting.

The Best Virtual Private Server Hosting for You

There are a handful of very good choices for your VPS hosting, but you still need to do your research and make sure you have the confidence you need to choose the right company for you. With many choices, you want to make sure you get the right one for you. The best virtual private server hosting may just be the company you are already with or it could be an entirely new company.

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