Can you Use Ctrl+S to Save and Preview in WordPress?

Using Ctrl + S is one of the most known shortcuts you can use on the keyboard. This shortcut makes it easy to save documents and other things in all types of programs.

However, in WordPress, this shortcut isn’t available, which can throw off a beginner. Just because it’s not available, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to save and preview your posts using Ctrl + S or Cmd + S for MAC users.

Since WordPress has a very smart auto-save function, it’s not exactly necessary to use the Ctrl + S features. However, when the auto-save doesn’t work, you may want this shortcut, especially if you’re used to it. Here’s how you can make this shortcut work for you.

Using the Quick Preview WordPress Plugin

After you install and activate the Quick Preview WordPress Plugin. After it has been activated, you can find the options under Settings>>Quick Preview.

Quick Preview

Within this area, you can adjust the setting to allow the window for your shortcut to come up in the current window or a new window. Most recommend using the new window setting.

New Window

After you make your adjustment, you can save your changes and see the plugin in action. Just create a new post and as you are working on it press Ctrl +S and you will see the post save and open a preview in a new window.

If you’re not ready to create a new post, you can use this shortcut in an existing post when you edit it. It is important to note that using the Ctrl + S features will not publish the post for you. It will only save it as a draft.

You can use this plugin to make the shortcut work and if you’re used to the shortcut already, this will make working with WordPress much easier.

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