How Does FTP Work

how-does-ftp-workA Simple FTP Guide for Beginners – How Does FTP Work?

Maybe you’re new to the world of hosting and you’ve found out using FTP is important to your specific project. Understanding how FTP works will make a difference for many webmasters. Here’s a quick and easy to follow guide perfect for beginners using FTP for the first time.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows networked computers to communicate with each other via the internet. If you’ve ever downloaded something from the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve used FTP without even knowing it.

Simple Instructions for Using an FTP

Using an FTP doesn’t have to be difficult any longer. Here are a few quick steps to help you use it properly.

  1. Start by opening the FTP client program.
  2. Enter the FTP host name, username and password.
  3. Browse for the files you want to transfer
  4. Click and highlight the file you want to send and click “OK.”
  5. Enter the destination file route for the transferred file and click “OK.”

That’s all it takes to use an FTP. It’s very simple and once you use it a couple of times, it will become easier for you to understand and use.

Why Would You Need to Know How an FTP Works?

The main reason to understand how an FTP works is to move files. This is the main function of an FTP and most use it for larger files. Instead of trying to email or put the files on another type of drive, you can send them with an FTP.

Some of the most common uses for FTP include:

  • Transferring website files from one host to another
  • Sending large files to clients
  • Uploading files from your computer to your website hosting account
  • Computer backup
  • Download files
  • Gaming
  • Online Auctions
  • Sharing music files
  • And More!

Any application with the need to send, receive, download or upload files can utilize FTP to make the task easier. Whether you need to send a large file to a client or you’re a student needing to download course materials, you’re probably using an FTP and you don’t even know it.

Benefits of FTP

FTP has many uses and provides many benefits. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Global Collaboration – Companies can use FTP to provide employees with file sharing options. This makes it possible for workers from all over the globe to work together on a project.
  • Online File Storage – FTP is used to help back up important files quite often. It can be set up to automatically handle this task during off-peak hours.
  • Faster File Transfers – Instead of waiting forever for a file to show up, using FTP can make it much easier to upload or download a file.
  • Less Printing and Shipping – No longer do you have to print 100-page documents and mail them to a client. With FTP, you can simply transfer the file to the client and let them read it on their computer.
  • Managing Documents – An FTP provides the ability to store all your files on a remote server. Others can access the server, as well. This allows a company to provide better document management.

All of these benefits and many more are provided with the use of FTP.

How Does FTP Fit into the Hosting Industry?

Hosting and FTP go hand-in-hand. Some web designers use FTP to upload complete websites once the design is done. They can do the design offline and upload it to the right hosting account when the time is right.

Commonly, FTP us utilized to move an entire hosting account (multiple websites) from one host to another. It can even be used to move a hosting account when a client upgrades to a new level of hosting.

Most hosting companies provide an FTP client free of charge with your hosting account. This makes it possible for anybody to take advantage of the many benefits provided by FTP.

Understanding how FTP works and using it for specific tasks can provide many cost-saving benefits. If you need hosting with an FTP client, ITX Design provides a variety of choices from shared to dedicated hosting with full 24/7 technical support.

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