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joomla-cms-seoWhich Joomla SEO Extensions can Help You Boost Your Ranking?

Joomla is one of the more popular CMS or content management systems out there. If you choose Joomla to build your website, it’s important to use the right extensions. An extension is another way to say plugin and with Joomla, you will be using extensions.

One of the most important types of extensions is a Joomla SEO extension. Since SEO is one of the most important choices for your marketing strategy, getting the most out of an SEO extension for Joomla is very important.

Top Extensions for Better Joomla SEO

Many extensions can help you with your SEO and Metadata. Here are a few of the top choices to consider.

Header Tags

This Joomla SEO Extension provides the ability to use heading tags from H1 to H6. It will search for your existing tags and help to improve your overall website SEO. It’s very user-friendly and a good addition to your website for sure.

Easy Frontend SEO

If you want to control the important metadata both automatically and manually, this is the right plugin for you. It makes creating better metadata easy for anybody using Joomla. You can edit all the metadata in the frontend and use this extension on every single page.


Automatic generation of keywords and descriptions is handled by the SEO-Generator extension. This provide you with plenty of SEO help and gives you the ability to set the robot meta tags, Google webmaster verification keys and title configurations.

Title Manager

Another way to create the best page titles with incredible SEO is with the Title Manager extension for Joomla. This extension provides you with the ability to display your site name with the page titles and many other features.

Perfect Link With Article Images on Facebook Pro

This extension helps to solve the problem of sharing your Joomla website on Facebook without the right image. It will help you choose the right image and give you plenty of great SEO benefits from both the image and Facebook.

SEO Simple

Using SEO Simple is, of course, simple. This plugin allows you to do things with the meta description tag. You will gain better SEO with your web pages and entire website by using this Joomla extension.


This awesome and free Joomla extension allows you to create your website site map. Once you’ve created it, you will be able to submit it to the major search engines and gain better SEO.


A very popular SEO extension SH404SEF allows you to customize the on-site SEO. It’s not the only option, of course, but it’s one many Joomla experts prefer. With this plugin you can make all your URs search engine friendly, see all your 404 pages and set up 301 redirects when necessary.

Other Ways to Boost Your Joomla SEO

Extensions are not the only way to increase your SEO with a Joomla website. Along with plugins, you can use a blog, create more content, increase your website speed, share on social sites and so much more.

The blog is one of the most powerful ways to increase your overall SEO by expanding your content. Every website has pages promoting services, products or just providing good information. However, the blog will give you the ability to cover even more topics and interact with your visitors.

Increasing the speed of your website will help you go above and beyond compared to your competition. If both sites have the same overall SEO profile, but your site loads faster, it will most likely be listed first in the search engine results.

Another great way to increase your Joomla SEO is by sharing all over the many social sites out there. Social media has exploded and has changed SEO for good. Google, Bing and Yahoo count on social signals to help choose the best content to deliver to their users. Sharing on social sites also opens the possibility for millions of eyes to find your website.

Where to Start with Search Engine Optimization?

All great SEO strategies start with reliable hosting with incredible speed. If you don’t have the right foundation for your Joomla website, you will struggle to get the most out of your SEO strategy.

ITX Design provides great hosting with the fastest load times for your Joomla website. If you want to use SEO as your main marketing strategy, start with a hosting package from ITX Design.

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