How can a Personal Blogger Become a Niche Blogger?

Can a personal blogger become a niche blogger? Personal bloggers are those that can write freely, feel free to dream, and may have a great deal of free time. It turns out that they can focus their energy on being a niche blogger without limiting their freedom.

A blogger, copywriter, or freelance writer can run a niche blog while considering themselves a personal blogger too. You’ll never really grow out of personal blogging because you’ll always have a personal touch on the writing and you’ll always make it personal by letting your true self speak.

When you speak freely and become easy to connect with, you can still be a niche blogger while writing as a personal blogger. Here is a look at how the two are intertwined and how you can move your personal blogging ways to a more serious, niche-blogging experience.

Why you can’t part from personal blogging

Your blog is always going to feel personal and inspire you to give it a personal touch, whether that be through adding anecdotes, adding real emotion, or your need to write freely and openly. Personal blogging is a lot like storytelling to trigger real emotion in people in which your readers will feel like they love you through your work. When you need to write a more serious niche blog, it’s going to require you to shut down the personalization, the emotion, and keep it focused on topic and with the facts.

A personal blogger is easy to connect with, writes well and often, speaks freely about what they like, and isn’t afraid to get deep. They are also likely to engage with readers through comments and appears to be a friendly, communicative blogger.

How do I move to a niche blog?

You’re going to have to focus in one niche and make that the main focus of the niche blog. For example, if you blog about pets most of the time, use these posts as a way to launch a pet blog. Look for patterns on what you blog about the most, what drives you to write, and what you would like to continue blogging about.

Start developing your research skills to their maximum capability. You already research for your blog posts, things that you want to purchase online, and book reviews, so it’s not going to be difficult to research for your niche blog posts. Look up information, reviews, and case studies, or start emailing relevant people for your research. You don’t want to be another generic blogger, but rather, offer an informed opinion, so start honing your research skills and learn how journalists do their research.

Engage and get personable

Once you’ve got that down, it’s important to start engaging your readership and getting personable with readers. Personal blogs thrive when there is a close relationship with readers and people that could almost be your friends. You should care what your readers think, feel upset when their opinions of your work is negative, and you should enjoy long conversations with engaged readers.

This interaction is crucial for a niche blogger as your blog won’t thrive without feedback. Be sure to get personable as your blog is like an online diary but open to the public, so make sure you are listening to your readers’ needs, you are replying to comments, and you are emailing those that wish to speak privately.

Lastly, be sure you continue to have fun with your niche blog, you don’t give up on your own interests, and you keep those personal anecdotes comings to build reader connections. Use these tips to go from a personal blogger to a niche blogger.

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