Softaculous vs Fantastico

softaculous-vs-fantasticoThe Down and Dirty of Softaculous vs Fantastico

Many web hosting sites feature an article comparing Softaculous vs Fantastico. These two programs provide scripts for your needs and both have a free version. However, one isn’t clearly better than the other is for everybody. It’s not just about the number, but about what you need for the specific project you’re working on. Here’s our take on Softaculous vs Fantastico.

Number of Scripts

When looking at Softaculous and Fantastico, it’s important to look at the number of scripts. Fantastico offers 50 scripts with the free version, whereas Softaculous offers 54. There is a paid version of Softaculous with 310 scripts. It sounds impressive, but if you don’t need any of the additional scripts, the paid version won’t make a difference.

Most hosting companies offer both free versions with their hosting package. However, some only offer one or the other. The number of scripts shouldn’t make a difference in the decision you make unless you need those extra scripts for your project. Look at what you need compared to what each offers before you make your final decision.

User Interface

As we look at both of these popular script libraries, it’s important to look at the user interface. Softaculous is known for a better user interface than Fantastico, but they both provide very good options for the end user. If you prefer to personalize the interface, you will only be able to do that with Softaculous. Fantastico isn’t nearly as customizable.

decide-which-is-bestRestoration and Back-up

Backing up your website with Softaculous is possible, while you don’t get this option with Fantastico. This only comes into play if you don’t have a backup option already or don’t place to use one outside of your script library. However, it’s a nice added option you don’t get with the Fantastico.


With open-source applications, you always get frequent updates because an entire community of users and developers constantly provide these updates. This helps to better secure your websites and helps you avoid spam. Softaculous provides frequent updates, whereas Fantastico updates the system, but not as often.


The actual scripts are more important than just a number. Fantastico only provides PHP scripts, which makes the library a bit limited. Softaculous offers PHP, Pearl, JAVA and more types of scripts. Some of the scripts you get with Softactulous, which don’t come with Fantastico include Ratings, Demos, Importing Apps from Auto-Installers and User Reviews. Check the entire list if you want to see all the differences.


Both Softaculous and Fantastico offer fast installation with one-click installs of many scripts. This is a feature many hosting companies advertise because beginners need to be able to do things quick and easy. When looking at Softaculous vs Fantastico, the installation isn’t much different and both provide fast installation of all scripts.

softaculous-vs-fantastico-bestWhich One is Better?

The debate will probably continue forever and one is not better than the other is for everybody, but hosting companies are slowly starting to migrate to Softaculous. Some of the benefits included with Softaculous you don’t get with Fantastico include:

  • More than 300 scripts
  • New scripts added often
  • Open Source library
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable options for the interface
  • Import scripts
  • Install JavaScript libraries
  • Backup applications
  • Scripts come with demo version
  • Fast Installation
  • And More!

It’s clear Softaculous has started to become very popular compared to Fantastico. Many hosting companies still use Fantastico and probably will for a very long time. There’s nothing wrong with the script library, but it doesn’t offer as many options. However, if you just need the options offered by Fantastico, you won’t need to worry about Softaculous.

When comparing Softaculous vs Fantastico, you must look at all the different features and weigh it against what you need. Since many hosting companies offer support for both, it’s not hard to get all the tools you need for your web project.

The hosting you choose will make a difference and it’s important to look at the features, including the script library. Make sure you compare all the features before choosing a host and if you specifically need tools offered by Softaculous or Fantastico, make sure the right one or both is included with your package.

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