Finding The Right Joomla Web Hosting Company

joomla-logoJoomla is a Content Management System or CMS that is very widely used to create complex and big interactive websites.

It is open source software, very user friendly and is easily downloaded from the web.  It is also extremely SEO friendly, unlike WordPress is “out of the box”, not so say that you can’t tweak WP for good SEO, heck we’re running WP with this site, and our rankings are just fine (but, that is another story).

This CMS runs on the Windows and Linux Servers, the Apple OS, and on a few versions of the UNIX operating system. If you are searching for Joomla web hosting the following are important features the host must possess for Joomla to work.

Necessary Web Host Features for Good Joomla Web Hosting
Windows servers, or Linux servers, or Apple OS, or a few UNIX operating systems depending on version
MySQL databases in unlimited supply
Up-to-date versions of PHP
Host must run cPanel servers which are the best kind of servers for running Joomla. With the cPanel you will not have permissions issues that other hosts may have.
Optional features include the ability to download the core Joomla software, and possibly also the provision of free Joomla templates and Joomla support.
In addition to the necessary features needed for web hosting for Joomla, the basic requirements are still needed in the host of your choosing. There is no need to spend thousands on overpriced hosting when all that is really needed is flexible, efficient and fast hosting at an affordable hosting fee. The first thing to do when considering hosting is to determine the hosting needs of your business.

General Features Needed in a Strong Web Host
The cheapest hosting available will only be a good fit for your business if it provides the features your business needs and if reviews you have read about the host show that the company is reliable, trustworthy, customer service friendly and capable. Cheap hosting provided at the expense of adequate storage or bandwidths will only harm your business operations.
An uptime guarantee of at least 99% is critical for your website to run smoothly and be available to your customers when they attempt to access it. Server crashes will lead to loss of revenue and loss of customer credibility.
24/7 customer support with a competent support team that is responsive and knowledgeable.
Adequate storage, email accounts and high bandwidth
Shopping cart system, and free setup.
Appropite Joomla web hosting can be acquired from a vast number of providers (check out our top 10 hosting picks), and to select the best host for your business you may seek the advice of many available review sites (like this one and perhaps a handful of others) and you may also access the needed information from our webpages which are designed to provide a balanced view of available hosts as well as lots of other information and advice about all things web related.

Remember to check out our top 10 web hosting picks for more information, we wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors.

Finding a Top CMS with Joomla Website Hosting

What to Expect from Joomla Web Hosting

Joomla has become a well-known and well used CMS or Content Management System in the web development area. If you are in the market for Joomla website hosting, then you must know what the host is offering and relate that to your own business needs.

The following are the basic features to look for in a web hosting plan.

Basic Requirements of Website Hosting
The hosting should provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They should be fast and efficient and you should have email as well as telephone contact information on them.
The host should provide an uptime minimum guarantee of 99%. This will give customers a consistent access to you site and will prevent loss of revenue that often occurs in situations of server crashes.
High bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and ample disk space should be provided by the host.
Free shopping cart set up free of charge by the host should be included in the plan.
Cheap hosting should be available and should be sought by the webmaster, but cheap hosting may not be a good deal if you are dealing with a host who is not reliable, trustworthy or reputable and cannot provide you with the minimum basic hosting needs for your business.
Joomla Specific Features a Host Should Offer
The latest PHP versions should be available through the host so that Joomla can execute properly.
The required platform for Joomla to run should be available on the host. These platforms are UNIX operating system versions (a few select), Windows server, Apple OS, or Linux server.
A large supply of MySQL databases.
cPanel servers must be present for the smooth operation of Joomla.
The host must give CGI scripts’ access to the webmaster.
A good supply of email aliases should be offered. With these a business will be able to create the professional email accounts such as sales@, and techsupport@ to name a few examples.
Entirely optional services a host may offer are the ability for the webmaster to download Joomla’s core software, free Joomla templates and it may provide free Joomla technical support.
The features just discussed are some of the more important features to look for when shopping for Joomla website hosting. Many excellent resources and reviews are available online for you to read and we also provide resources and reviews through these webpages that will allow you to make an informed decision on your hosting options.

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