Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Purchasing Multiple Domain Names

The Multiple of Benefits from Buying Several Domain Names

A common blueprint many webmasters use to generate large amounts of residual income is to continually create websites each of which produce residual income. With a growing network of such sites, residual income can be created at a rapid rate. What follows gives tips on how to benefit from buying multiple domain names.

Global Network
Proper Keyword Selection

Domain names should be carefully chosen for them to assist with the sites’ SEO and ranking.

The name should be a well searched for keyword phrase that is commonly used by your prospective visitors to your site.

The name should ideally include the main keyword that you are targeting with your website.

It should be as short as possible so that it is easily remembered by prospective customers, and they should be descriptive of the subject matter of the website.

Following these guidelines will enable you to have domain names that benefit the SEO and relevance of your website and in turn increase its search engine ranking.

Domain names can be created using not only the main keyword of your niche, but with other keywords that are associated with your targeted niche. This will make it even more likely for your targeted niche audience to find your web site since they will be thinking logically about the words that are associated with the niche.

Combining the main and the secondary keyword phrases with the top level domain names, that is .com, .net, and .org, will give you a wide variety of domain names to create websites around and to build massive traffic to improve your business bottom line.

Variations in the Domain Names

Domain names can be created to include other words together with the primary and the secondary keyword phrases in the name. It may also include various types of syntax and special characters to make it original and will create such a large variation of possibilities.

It will easily allow you to control a large assortment of names that will then not be available to competitors in your niche market.

The possibilities can be endless here especially when you consider that these different variations can be combined with the more popular top level domain names, .com, .net, .org.

Redirecting Domains

As regards the ranking of a site, the redirecting of a domain does nothing to earn ranking or receive indexing from the search engines.

That ranking can only be acquired by hosting the domain on a server.

It must be part of a site that provides valuable relevant content about the target niche otherwise it will add nothing to the bottom line of your network of websites.

Having a large number of websites will in themselves not be valued by the search engines unless the preceding tips are followed.

Having created a number of different domain names, they can then be used to provide multiple entry points to your website. It works by submitting different domain names as links in content you provide for high PR ranked and related websites.

When visitors to these sites read the content and then follow the anchor text links provided by the URLs in the resource box, they will land on a page of your website that was optimized for the keyword in the anchor text.

This treatment and use of multiple domain names will be in line with the search engines’ requirement for valuable, relevant inbound links for a website, because it comes from a reputable, high PR, niche related website.

Domain Name History

The older the domain name the greater will be its ranking in the search engine. So if you have already registered a large number of domains you can, if it is affordable to you, host each domain with just a page of content to get it started developing a history, it will be of great benefit in the future.
You may buy a reseller hosting account, although it will affect the possibility of creating useful linking since the domains will all have the same IP address.

Misspelled Domain Names

Creating and registering misspelling of the primary domain name could be a useful tactic to capture the traffic from commonly misspelled keywords. In this way you will receive random traffic as well as keep your competition from using these domain names.

For example the misspelling of “myexampledomainname.com” might be “myexapledomainname.com”. Often web surfers will enter the plural instead of the singular form of the domain name, so using both singular and plural forms could be another useful tactic.

These were some tips on how to benefit from buying multiple domain names. A benefit can also be realized if the sites are linked to one another to provide useful backlinks, are hosted on different servers so that they can generate different IP addresses, and if they are quality websites not intended for spam but contains useful and relevant information.

You may access good information on these techniques from many resources online and also by browsing the webpages on this site.

Many Benefits to eCommerce and Domains Hosting

The success of eCommerce website today depends on a diversification of the business into different niche markets that utilize a number of different websites that can be hosted all on the same hosting server account through a process known as multiple domains hosting.

Hosting multiple domains on a hosting account means that a webmaster will either transfer a domain from another host, or register a new domain from a domain name registrar, and that will become his main domain on his hosting account.

It may even be the domain by which his website is known. Once that domain is establish, the webmaster may add other domains, they will be referred to as add on domains, and they will all be hosted on the same account.

For niche webmasters to pay hosting fees for each of his niche websites will cost a great deal annually when the hosting fees must be renewed. However, the standard in the industry for all hosting companies, is to provide the majority of their hosting plans with a feature that allows a webmaster to host as many domains as he chooses without any restrictions.

However, these same hosts will often offer a much slimmed down hosting plan, at the cheapest rate and with minimal features and resources, and will only allow 1 domain to be hosted with that plan.

This is helpful for someone who is now starting on a shoe string budget or who does not require much in terms of resources and features, and for whom 1 domain is what they require. Should this webmaster decide to stay with the host, upgrading to a better plan is easily done.

The many benefits of eCommerce multiple domains hosting and the hosting plans that support such a system are described below.

Multiple Domains Hosting Plans

The benefits of multiple domains hosting can be achieved through the add on domains feature hosting companies provide, through the use of reseller hosting accounts, by utilizing VPS or virtual private server accounts and with a dedicated hosting server account.

On these, unlimited domains are offered by the hosting company but that should not be confused with the ability to host all the domains on the server.

Verification with the hosting company is required to ensure that you will be able to actually host many domains on the server, and if so the limitations imposed by the allocated resources and bandwidth if any, may prevent the full utilization of all the domains.

Use Many Websites to Diversify Your Online Business

The combined total of the revenue generated from these varied sites is what accounts for the overall profitability of the business.

The impact of one of these income streams failing will not have a disastrous effect on the revenue of the business, since the other streams will still be generating business revenue.

The business will continually build income streams with additional domains to increase the business’ bottom line.

Leveraging Multiple Domains Hosting

The presence of multiple domains in the business portfolio means that a linking system can be established within the network of sites to boost SEO of the sites, and to create valuable links that will cause increased traffic to the sites and will increase the bottom line of the business.

The benefits of this lies in the fact that each separate domain will have a different IP from the other domains, and that works in the favor of the website. The reason it does is because the search engines frown on a number of websites from the same IP address taking part in a linking technique as described above.

If the linking occurred between sub-domains and not separate sites with separate domain names, then the linking process described will not generate additional link juice for the main site that is receiving the backlinks, in fact the search engines may penalize the site.

These are the facts concerning the many benefits of eCommerce multiple domains hosting and the server hosting plans that would facilitate such a system of sites on a single hosting account.

For more information on the web hosting plans available for you to setup multiple domains hosting, you may browse our webpages here or check the many good resources online.

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