Can you Keep WordPress from Forgetting You?

If you haven’t heard of the “Always Remember Me” feature on WordPress, you are probably getting a lot of headache every time you log in. No matter how many times you’ve hit that check box to “remember me,” it seems that you always have to login once again when you get to the WordPress home page.

You exit the page and return later just to have to login again and tell it to “remember me” again. What you don’t know is that there is a way to get the box automatically checked to remember you through WordPress that will also extend the login cookie. You can finally access your admin area quick every single time by using this trick to make WordPress remember you.

How to get it

Remember Me Plugin

You can get this feature on your WordPress by installing and activating the plugin called “Remember Me.” You’ll activate it and then configure the plugin settings by visiting the “Settings” and “Remember Me” page.

Remember Me In Menu

What options will I get to choose from?

You’ll be asked if you want to set “Remember Me” as a default in which you’ll need to check one of four options including:

  • No default
  • For all logins
  • For logins from public websites only
  • For longs from Admin panels only

Tell it if you want it to remember your choice by checking the box and for how many days. You’ll have these various options on how you set up logins whether you want to enable is as the default or just from the admin area.

Remember Me Settings

Allow users to manually check the “remember me” box as well so that your users won’t be logged out when they close the browser window. Choose the maximum number of days your users should remain logged in, such as their default 366 days, or reduce it to 30-60 days. Users can still log out if they want, and they can just log in once again.

Of course this option is not meant for those that use the site on a public computer or share network, but for private computers and networks, this is a great way to make your WordPress experience much easier with just a few minutes of your time setting it up.

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