Can you Change the Email Templates in WordPress?

WordPress sends emails to you and to your users for many reasons. If you run a multi-author website or a website with a large number of subscribers, you may not want to use the default email template.

When you use WordPress, you get a basic, plain text template for your emails. However, this doesn’t allow much room for branding or for really impressing your users and subscribers. You can change this template and you don’t even need to know how to change the code. Here’s how you can change the email templates in WordPress.

Using the Email Templates Plugin for WordPress

Email Templates

The Email Templates plugin for WordPress allows you to customize the email templates used for automatic emails. Start by downloading the plugin, installing it and activating it within your WordPress dashboard.

Once you have the plugin activated, you can access it by going to Appearance>>Email Templates. From here, you can modify the email templates within the WordPress customizer.

Email Templates in Appearance

From this screen, you will have multiple tabs, which will allow you to make changes to the basic email template in WordPress. The first tab is the “Settings” tab.


You can enter your site name and email within this section. The next tab is the “Template” tab.


This tab allows you to choose between fullwidth and boxed for the size of the template and you can choose a background color.

After adjusting your Template settings, you can move onto the “Email Header” tab.

Email Header

Within this section, you can add a logo, choose an alignment, choose a text size and color and choose the background color. This is one of the main areas where you can really change the look of your email template and create branding with your own logo and colors.

Changed Email Header

Next, you will want to adjust the “Email Body” settings.

Email Body

This section will allow you to change the background color of the email body, along with the text color and size. However, keep in mind, reading black text on a white or a light colored background is the easiest.

The final tab with settings is the “Footer” tab.


This tab will allow you to add a copyright for your site, change the alignment, choose a background color and choose the color and size of the text. You can also choose whether you want to display the “Powered by” link for the plugin or take it off your template.

After you have changed all your settings, you can use the “Send test email” tab to send yourself an email with the new template.

You can also use the many placeholders to customize your email content. These include:


You can display your Blog URL, the Date, the Time and many other things without having to type them into every single email with these placeholders.

Now you have a custom email template for WordPress with your own logo or colors. This type of template can help with branding and with marketing your website far more than the basic plain text template.

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