Can you Add a Portfolio to your WordPress Website?

A portfolio website is a great way to show off your skills and reach out to employers or potential clients. You can showcase all kinds of work with a portfolio.

Maybe you already have a WordPress website and you would like to add a portfolio section to it. This can easily be done and there are several plugins to help. Here are a few of the top portfolio plugins you can use for your website.

Nimble Portfolio

Nimble Portfolio

One of the best free options to add a portfolio section to your website is the Nimble Portfolio plugin. This is a free plugin you can easily download, install and activate. After you have activated the plugin, you will find a section in your dashboard called Nimble Portfolio.

Nimble Section

This section will allow you to add new items and create your portfolio. You will be able to add new items much like you add a new post to your site. The filters work like categories and you will have portfolio options below the post editor section. This is the section where you can add images and video.

Portfolio Options

When the item is clicked on by a visitor, the video or image will appear in a popup.

You will also be able to upload a featured image, which will show up in the portfolio grid. After you create your portfolio items, you can use the shortcode to create a new page or posts as your portfolio section. The shortcode is: [nimble-portfolio].

Huge-IT Portfolio Gallery


The Huge-It Portfolio Gallery plugin is a good choice because it add a specialized portfolio and/or gallery to your site. This gives you more options to work with and allows for more customization. The plugin is fully responsive and comes with seven different views, ability to integrate widgets and you get unlimited projects and portfolios.

After you install the plugin, you can access it by going to the Huge IT Portfolio menu within your dashboard.

Huge-IT Settings

From this menu you will be able to create your first portfolio and add new items.

First Portfolio

With the Huge-IT free plugin, you get plenty of options. However, if you want to take full advantage of everything it can do, you can get the full version. This version will allow you to customize the design and do quite a bit more. A single license is $40, but you can get unlimited licenses for $100.

Portfolio by BestWebSoft

Portfolio by BestwebSoft

Another option for your portfolio section is the Portfolio by BestWebSoft plugin. This plugin is a bit more basic, but does provide the things you will need to get a portfolio section up and running on your WordPress website.

Once installed, the plugin settings and menus can be found under the Portfolio section in your WordPress dashboard.

Portfolio Section

You can add a new portfolio and all your new items through this section. This plugin will even allow you to add Executors and Technologies to your portfolio.

All three of these plugins will allow you to easily add a portfolio section to your WordPress website. They all provide at least the basic features you need and they all have a free version you can start using immediately.

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