Which Online Tools will Help you with Writing?

Have you been searching for some online help when it comes to writing a little faster and a little better? When you decide to write online for a new blog or website, it helps to have some basic skills in writing and researching but it will make a big difference when you have some tools at your disposal to make sure you are covering your bases.

Whether you struggle with proper grammar or simply need some motivational help for your productivity needs, here is a look at the online tools you won’t want to live without when it comes to your writing.

750 Words

Bloggers love to use 750Words.com with help when writing new content. It actually turns blogging into more of a game than work which is great for those bloggers that don’t love the actual writing part and wish they could focus on more of the behind-the-scenes aspects of it. The game gives you points for everything you write through a score card that imitates a bowling game. It will keep you motivated while you compete with yourself for the top score.


GrammarlyYou can have your own online editor with Grammarly, a simple-to-use app for editing your work. Just upload your text or drag and drop it to make sure you didn’t misspell or misplace your punctuation. Plus, it’ll make sure you aren’t plagiarizing. They call themselves the “world’s best grammar checker.”

Synchro Edit/h2>

Check out Synchro Edit if you need another set of eyes to see your work. You’ll work with other writers on a group editing platform in which multiple people can edit the work to help you with insight on what you may need help.

Written Kitten

Written KittenDo you need a little extra motivation as you work? Cat lovers are all about Written Kitten, a fun app that will send you an adorable cat photo after you’ve completed an interval of words written. You can set it to pop up after 100 words, 500, or even 1000 word intervals. A little positive reinforcement might be just what you need.

Urban Dictionary

Urban DictionaryWhen you hear a new phrase that everyone is using and you have no idea where it came from, it can be really frustrating when you can’t write about it. Consider Urban Dictionary for all of your interpretation needs. It can translate local or current phrases into English which is not only really helpful for writing but it can be pretty hilarious.

Hemingway App

Another great editor option is Hemingway App, used as a personal editor app that will thoroughly check your grammar for things like use of a passive voice, overused adverbs, and run-on sentences.

Zoho Docs

Zoho DocsAnother interactive site is Zoho Docs, designed to help you collaborate with clients or other members of your team. Just create a document online and you can access it from your laptop or smart phone.

These are the best bets for your writing needs online. These tools will not only make your life easier, they’ll make writing fun again.

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