Web Hosting Customers Prefer Live Chat Support to All Other Forms


The web hosting industry is easy enough to enter, but difficult to stay relevant and visible in. With new companies starting up every day and low prices being the industry standard, one of the only ways web hosting companies can truly manage to stand out is by offering customer support that goes above and beyond what the customer expects.

Live chat support becomes essential

Live chat support has been considered a ‘bonus’ offering for customers in the past- one that was clearly enjoyed because of its convenience, but was not considered necessary for small company websites.

That’s a big mistake, according to recent statistics on web hosting industry support and customer service that say more than half of all web hosting customers use live chat support as a criteria for whether or not they’ll return to a website.

Live chat has higher satisfaction rates

The study found that 63% of web hosting customers said they were more likely to come back to a website that offered live chat as opposed to one that did not. Amazingly, live chat beats out all other forms of customer service and support, earning a 73% satisfaction rate compared to the telephone’s 41% and email’s 61%.

Faster and more convenient

Interesting to note is the amount of time the average live chat support session takes – can you guess? On average, live chat sessions are resolved in just 42 seconds, faster than any other means of customer support. No wonder 79% of customers said they prefer live chat primarily because of the immediacy it provides.

Drives more sales

Seventy-seven percent of the customers surveyed said they wouldn’t make a purchase on a website that didn’t offer live chat support. Customers want to be able to get help with checkout issues or clear up any pre-purchase questions by quickly asking via live chat rather than drafting, sending, and waiting for a reply from an email, or finding the number and calling the business. Companies that offer live chat support gain the advantage of keeping those customers from leaving by being able to answer questions and remove any barriers to sales.



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