Top Tips for Ecommerce Websites When Promoting on Google

E-CommerceE-commerce sites are all the rage right now. If you are running one, you are probably noticing that sales are up and people are shopping online more than ever. It’s important that you are promoting your e-commerce site on Google if you want to be truly successful.

Everyone uses Google to search for what they need and that means that ranking high on searches is more important than ever. With hard work and effort, you can promote your brand on Google to reach your audience more broadly and effectively.

Along with making it in search rankings, make sure you are getting great reviews that will appear in searches and more. Take a look at what you should be doing to promote yourself well on Google.

Having updated business info on Google

Go to to make sure your business details are up-to-date and relevant for your customers. It’s easy to update your information such as your address for Maps, your contact information for Google+, or a photo for Search.

Having direction to your office, hours of operations for those who Search for you, or Google+ setup for ratings and reviews will make your business easy to learn about online. This is a great way to make sure your customers have all of the information they need in an easily searchable way.

Add great images to your site

Your e-commerce site likely has visual content that helps to sell your products. Make sure that you are using high-quality photography since Google favors these sites in search rankings. When you’re showing off your new products, giving a demonstration, or talking about your brand on a video, make sure you are using high-quality images and videos. Be sure to include relevant keywords and uploading your content to YouTube with a description of the video. Your e-commerce site will get noticed by Google for following these tips.

Customer ratings

Customer RatingNothing is more important than happy customers that tell others about your brand. Make sure your customers are leaving reviews for you on Google to help you get the message out to others and to rank high in search engines.

Google likes to include a snippet of a review onto the search results that highlight the best part of the customer review. This is great for e-commerce sites that want to gain credibility from existing customers and to pop up in search results for new customers looking for these products or services.

Link building

Another important tip is to make sure you are link building on your website. Make sure your get backlinks on your product pages along with your homepage. When you only get links to the homepage, your product pages will struggle to rank well among the competition of other e-commerce sites. Most people combat this by promoting their product pages through link building, knowing that Google will promote the product pages higher on rankings.

Having most important business details easily visible

Social MediaWhile you are updating your Google Business page with your hours of operation, physical address and directions, contact information, and a photo of your store, you should also make sure other platforms have your most important details easily visible. Your contact phone numbers, physical address, website address, e-commerce links, and more should be easy to see on your social media pages, email newsletter, and more.

Take the time to update your Facebook and Twitter profiles, to setup a Pinterest page with industry links and links to your products, an Instagram that allows you to share real-time photo updates of what your brand is up to, and make sure all correspondence includes a signature with your information. Google will notice you in search engines by seeing you have multiple social media accounts with matching information.

Make sure your audience can easily find you on the web in order to shop at your e-commerce site. Use these top tips to promote yourself on Google effectively.

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