The Top Five WordPress Sliders and How they Stack Up

Choosing the right slider for your WordPress website isn’t always easy. There are many good choices out there, but only five that really make it onto the top list. Here’s a look at each of the five and how they stack up.

Top Five WordPress Sliders

The best sliders you will find for WordPress include:



Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides


Layer Slider

Nivo Slider


Revolution Slider


Any of these five sliders will work great for you on your WordPress website. However, one may be better for you than another.

How the Top Sliders Compare

There are many elements to consider with the slider. Of course, you want a slider that looks great, but it should also load fast, be easy to use and provide plenty of features. Whether you prefer a free or a paid slider, here are how these five stack up.

Load Times

All five sliders will allow the page to load in less than 2.5 seconds. However, Soliloquy actually allows the page to load in less than 1.5 seconds. Both Nivo Slider and LayerSlider are very fast, but they are not nearly as fast as Soliloquy.

Ease of Use

Creating a slider with any of these plugins isn’t going to be 100% straightforward. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Out of the five, the most user-friendly is Soliloquy. However, the Nivo Slider provides an easy process for creation and so does the Meteor Slides. Revolution Slider and LayerSlider are not nearly as easy to use as the other three.


Nivo Slider and Meteor Slides are best if you just want to create a simple slider. However, if you need more features, you can use LayerSlider, Soliloquy or Revolution Slider. These three provides plenty of additional features and are all fully responsive.


Meteor Slides is the only free choice on the list. However, none of the other sliders are very expensive. Nivo Slider is the most expensive at $29, while LayerSlider is the cheapest at $17. Soliloquy comes in at $19 and Revolution Slider costs $18.

Out of all five of the top sliders for WordPress, Soliloquy is the best choice. It provides the fastest load times, the best features and it’s very easy to use.

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