How Web Hosting Rankings are Calculated, & How They Can Affect Your Small Business

Web Hosting Rankings and the Reasons Behind Them

Many websites and blogs have their reasons for web hosting rankings, but they don’t really tell you what they are.

Some of the reasons are not all that good and it has more to do with how much they stand to make from one hosting company compared to another.

However, with an honest hosting site, you will get real web hosting rankings based on research in a few different areas.

The main areas that we look at when figuring out our web hosting rankings are how reliable the company is, how professional they support is, the price compared to the features you get, and the overall reputation of the company.

Value Web Hosting Rankings

Hosting is based mainly on what you get for every dollar you spend. This is why many of the companies on this list offer a cheaper package than some of the other companies you may have looked at. Even though cheaper does not always mean more value, the choice within our top ten provide more for each dollar than any other companies out there.

The other thing that helps to rank these value hosting companies is the strong dedication they all have to providing the absolute best customer experience and support. This is very important and we strive to provide you with accurate details for each and every hosting company we have included in our web hosting rankings.

Now, our other lists are a bit different than our value hosting list. The top ten list is based on value overall, while our smaller lists are based on value in a certain area. For example, we feel that ITX Design hosting provides the most value, overall, we do feel we are the best value for hosting a blog.

You’ll find that most of the top ten hosting choices are included in a few of these smaller categories. ITX Design hosting is included on many of the lists and they tend to be at the top with nearly every type of hosting.

This comes to no surprise, ITX Design has been known as one of the top choices for years. They are always at the top of the web hosting rankings and many websites and blogs use ITX for their hosting needs. They host tens of thousands of domain names and are one of the most reliable hosting companies out there.

Using Web Hosting Rankings to Your Advantage

Having the web hosting rankings at your fingertips helps in many ways.

This will give you the ability to choose the right type of hosting very easily and very quickly.

If you want to get the best hosting from a company specializing in a specific type, then you have this option as well.

Regardless of what you are after, you can use the web hosting rankings to find top companies to provide you with the best possible hosting.

Does your Hosting Company have Stellar Customer Support?

When you are shopping for a new web hosting company, it is necessary to find the one with the best customer support.

There is certainly no shortage of hosting providers and this can make it very difficult to choose the right one.

Customer support will do more for you than saving a few dollars a month and support will tell you more than anything else will about your hosting.

Most hosting companies, that are really good, actually pride themselves on their customer support. The reason is, with all the competing companies support is the one place they can differentiate themselves from all the other choices. Since hosting companies offer nearly the same things, the support becomes more important.

What Customer Support Can Tell You About A Hosting Company

1. Reputation

If the customer support is not all that good, you will read about this in the reviews about the company. They will not have that good of a reputation and this can cause you quite a bit of trouble. There are many hosting options and getting the one with a great reputation is necessary.

2. Speed

Slow customer support can mean they are bombarded with support requests and this is a sign of slow hosting. If they respond very fast and they are there for you when needed, you may just have a faster hosting company. Speed is very important because the slower your website loads the worse off you will be. This can cost you quite a bit of money, but if the customer support is fast, so is the hosting.

3. Reliability

Another thing the support will tell you about a hosting company is how reliable they are. If they respond, fast and don’t seem like they are in an immediate hurry to deal with you and move on, this can mean they are very reliable. You will know just from the first interaction with customer support whether or not they are a reliable hosting company.

4. Professional

The most professional hosting companies are the ones that provide the best customer support. They hire people that fit with their mission and they hire individuals that understand the clients needing support come first. If they are not professional, then it is time for you to move on and find a professional company to help you with your hosting needs.

Finding the Hosting with the Best Customer Support

The best way to find the hosting that has the best customer support is to read the reviews and test it for yourself.

Read what the blogs and industry sites say about the hosting, and then compare it to your own experience when you contact their support team.

This can tell you everything you need to know about the company.

If the company you are considering does not have great customer support, then you don’t want to get your hosting with them.

The support is vital and you need to be aware of what it can really do for you. Getting the hosting company that is right for you is not easy, but customer support can tell you more than you may want to know about them.

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