How to Get a Free Website Creator & Free Domain Name

Where to get a Free Website Creator with Free Domain Name

Where to get a free website creator with a free domain name is an easy question to answer these days.

Not too long ago however, it was a totally different situation when such access was not even conceivable, and you needed programming knowledge to create and maintain your own website online.

Today it is possible to get both a free website creator and a free domain name from most of our top web hosting companies.

Still with that much availability, you should do your due diligence and seek out the one hosting company that will provide the specific requirements that your website needs now and in the future as it develops and expands.

CMS – Popular Website Creator

A very popular choice of a website creator is a CMS or a content management system. WordPress and Joomla are examples of a CMS and they can be used to create blogs and websites, are completely free to use, and are available with a large number of themes and templates.

ITX Design is a good example of a web host that makes the WordPress CMS available for free to its clients and the host provides the Fantastico script for loading WordPress on any domain a client chooses.

Use of a CMS provides Many Advantages

Inexpensive to Operate – There are no ongoing costs involved. Additional plugins and other elements needed are usually available free of charge.

Unlimited Sites – WordPress can be used to create an unlimited number of sites on the same hosting company for no additional hosting charge (after the initial free domain the client will have to purchase a new domain for each site – $1.99 to $10 average price).

Content added quickly – Website content is quickly added to the pages and posts.
Thousands of Themes – There are a vast supply of themes available.

Customization – A great deal of customization is possible if you are familiar with CSS, and if you are not, you can access the huge WordPress community, for example, that provides free functionality and will assist in providing answers to questions you may have on the CMS.
Getting started on building your website involves a few simple steps as follows.

Select from Among the Best Web Hosts

Sign up for your chosen host and create and register your free domain name. If using WordPress, select a theme (select a template for Joomla) by searching online among the thousands free themes available.

Using Fantastico through the control panel of your host, load WordPress to your domain.
Once that is done, you can start building your website. Many resources are available online for any help you need in build the site.

Free access to the CMS (WordPress or Joomla) on a web host enables you to add a wide variety of functionality to your website. In some situations you may have to purchase some additional plugins or some add-ons, but the cost of those is minimal compared to the alternative of hiring a professional web designer to do the same.

The reality is that today you do not have to pay to create a website for your personal or your business needs, and a wide variety of top web hosts will make available to you a free website creator with free domain name just for signing up for their service. This is especially helpful for budget-conscious webmasters. ITX Design is one such host that provides such services and you can browse these web pages for some of our other picks.

How to Get a Domain Name for Free From Online Sources

It is possible to build a website for yourself or for your business and then locate many reputable companies that will provide you with free domains and website hosting also. This arrangement will give you access to a website building platform, a web address a domain name of your choosing and also a matching email address.

This is how to get a domain name for free, and it may sometimes come with a paid hosting package customized for your website needs.

The Process of Locating Free Domain Names with paid Hosting

Selecting a Suitable Host- Since most reputable hosts offer a free domain name to new clients signing on for hosting, you will have a very broad choice of hosts that will give you a free domain name. Some hosts will even offer free annual renewals as long as the client continues to host their website with them.

Select a Hosting Plan – With reference to the needs of your website, decide on the features that should be included in your hosting plan. Compare the hosting packages of a few hosts and select the one that best suits your hosting needs.

Sign up with Host – With the features you need decided and the host selected, sign up and pay the hosting fees and get set up with the domain name you have created – one that also reflects the nature of your website.

Good Option – Beginning a business in this way with free hosting from a reputable host is an ideal option to exercise. The website will be hosted with a host that not only provides state of the art features, but it would be specifically selected to cater to the website’s needs.

After the initial hosting year is over, the decision to continue with the host would be easily made since the webmaster has already experience the host’s capabilities.

How to Get a Free Sub-Domain Name with Free Hosting

Select Free Hosting – Another method would be to get a free sub-domain through a site that provides free hosting. In this setup, your subdomain on the host’s domain will not allow you much customization or even the possibility to brand your website.

Not Suitable for Every Website– This kind of hosting may be adequate for a website that is merely used for testing website building basics or for a hobby site a webmaster creates to share with friends and family. It is not an appropriate hosting and domain style for a business, regardless of how limited the budget may be.

Limited Optimization – Because the sub-domain is not customized solely for the website it would be difficult to optimize the URL for the search engines. Any traffic generated would be driven to the host’s domain and not that of your website.

No Control – Websites built on such free hosting and with a sub-domain name are at the mercy of the web host. The host may attempt to recover costs of the free hosting by placing ads, pop-ups and banners on the hosted sites. In addition, the hosted sites may be deleted as a business decision of the host, and clients will have no recourse.

How to get a domain name for free is a simple process that requires signing up for hosting with any one of a number of hosting companies. The best news is that this offer is made by most of the reputable hosting companies, so the risk of getting involved with a company that may have negative and ulterior motives is minimized. You will however need to be certain that the host you choose will be able to provide the features your website needs for its daily operation.

Free Website Maker with Free Domain Name

A novice webmaster may want to know how to find a free website maker with free domain name that will allow him to create an effective and attractive showcase for his business, without the assistance of a costly website designer.

The good news is that all this freeness is possible and can be received from some of the top 10 web hosting companies around today. ITX Design is one such hosting company that provides a topnotch free site builder and also a free domain for new hosting sign ups.

Because a large choice of reliable hosts is available for the webmaster to select from, he must still take the time to properly evaluate their offerings to ensure that they can adequately meet the special needs of his website. Once this is done, he can be assured that he will not later have to transfer to another host because the future needs of his website were not properly anticipated.

Free Website Builder Offered by Web Host

Many hosts provide web-based website makers totally free of charge to their clients. These are usually designed with a drag and drop technology that makes the creation of a website super easy even for a novice webmaster.

These packages are adequate by themselves to create a well-functioning and attractive website but they are often enhanced with upgrade options.

Advantages of Free Website Builder

The free website builder is fully documented in tutorials so that any questions on its use can be easily researched.

The website is easy to build and no uploads or manipulation of program code is required.

All the functionality needed for the websites are already a part of the available software and no additional modules or plugins are needed.

For example, e-commerce software is already built into the system and only has to be activated if and when needed.

A great deal of support is offered with these website builders through the hosting companies.
A few simple steps need to be taken in order to find the ideal free website maker and free domain name for your website.

First determine what kind of website you need to build, and scan through different designs for one that might be appropriate for your needs.

Consider the functionality of the site and choose from video hosting sites, SEO ready design, membership sites, a blog, an e-commerce or a social media site.

Review a number of the top web hosts, such as ITX Design, that offer both a free website maker and free domain name, and select a few hosts whose features will meet the needs of your website now and in the future.

Choose one of these hosts, sign up and begin testing the website maker to see if it stands up to your needs. It will only take a few hours of testing to tell whether the site maker is adequate to your needs or not.

Aside from paid hosting companies that provide free website makers and free customized domain name, there are some companies that will allow free website makers and do not charge for a domain name.

In fact they will provide you with a URL that is based on the name of the host and is not customized for your website. You will receive a sub-domain on the host’s domain.

This is not an ideal solution for a business to operate. It may however be adequate for a personal hobby site or a site to be shared between friends and family.

It is possible to get a free website maker with free domain name and, to get them from some of the most reliable, and reputable blog hosts in the hosting industry today. This availability helps novice webmasters who will get access to some of the best featured hosting packages available.

ITX Design is just one such hosting company that provides a top notch free site builder, but you may also browse our webpages here for other excellent picks.

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