How can you use Slack Interactions to Become More Productive?

SlackSlack, the popular WordPress app, is becoming a great source for productivity boosting. It has over 80 integrations for services like Google Drive, Trello, and GitHub, and now you can use these integrations to become a more productive person at work.

Slack is used for chatting, searching, user groups, and third party integrations so it’s becoming an easy way to manage your calendar, communicate quickly through social media, and so much more. Get Slack and your work day will become simply, efficient, and way more fun.

What can Slack do for me?

Slack offers chat options to send instant messages to individuals, private groups, and public channels while the search feature lets you easily find chats, messages and the history of your channels to be able to access. Integrating with other services that businesses are using on a regular basis is becoming one of the most important features of the app because teams can more easily communicate.

You can improve your workflow by using WordPress and Slack together because the integration posts WordPress notifications to your Slack channels for improving team collaboration. With a remote team or multi-author site, communication just improved immensely making the work way easier to accomplish.

Which productivity interactions should I use on Slack?


Start with the Google Calendar + Slack integration. Since your business already uses calendar events on Slack, you can automate your workflow by bringing your Slack and Google Calendar together. Post an event to your calendar in Slack or post project deadline reminders on Google Calendar and they will be integrated together.

Then, check out how your social media accounts just simplified. When you use Twitter to respond to clients, Slack can now post tweets at you or about you into a Slack channel. Now you can finally track every mention and communicate with your staff on how you should respond. The Twitter + Slack integration is a win.

Other great integrations

Slack for ProductivityCheck out project management services like the Trello with Slack integration. It’s great for organizing and managing project tasks, keep track of changes on cards in large projects, and staying up to date on changes that need addressed. With this integration, communication and efficiency are even smoother. Try the Asana with Slack integration or Blossom with Slack integration for even more great features like organizing team’s conversations or getting notifications on task comments.

For file sharing, you can now use Google Drive + Slack and you team can more easily collaborate through the file sharing system. Dropbox and Slack have teamed up as well to share files even better than before.

Check out integrations such as:

  • Mention with Slack for improving communication and productivity for your team
  • Hubot + Slack for alerts and fun polls that will streamline work in a creative way
  • Google Hangouts + Slack to make conversations even easier
  • Help Scout + Slack will notify you of conversations replies when you need help in your customer support area
  • GoSquared + Slack is perfect for your analytics and performance needs

If you’re looking for ways to make the workflow a little smoother and more efficient for your team, these Slack interactions are the perfect solutions for productivity hacks.

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