Five Important Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Servers

dedicated-servers-blue-lightIt’s easy to find yourself sucked into a cheap shared hosting package when you’re new to running a website or blog. However, you may be setting yourself up to fail before you have any chance of success. Shared web hosting servers are great for some, but not for all. With the following five tips, you will be able to figure out what type of hosting you need, even if you’re a beginner.

Understand Shared, VPS and Dedicated

Before you make any decision about your hosting package, you need to understand the three basic types of hosting. Shared website hosting provides one server with multiple accounts fighting for the resources of that server. VPS hosting takes the same server and splits it into partitions, which are assigned to each account. Dedicated hosting gives the user ALL the resources of the server.

Most websites will never need the added benefits of VPS or dedicated hosting. However, businesses, large blogs and those requiring the best security possible won’t thrive with a shared hosting account. Any business planning to process credit card payments or store client information need the security of dedicated web hosting servers.

Assess Your Project Needs

The easiest way to assess the needs of your web project is to look at similar projects already up and running. For example, if you plan to run an ecommerce store selling camping equipment online, look at the statistics of another camping equipment website, preferably one experiencing success in the industry.

Figure out how much traffic you will receive each day, what level of security you need and how much space you will need for the files associated with your website. This will give you a snapshot of the type of web hosting servers you will need for your project.

Calculate Your Budget

Even those working with a small budget can find a way to use the right type of hosting. Don’t let the budget be the determining factor or you may find yourself failing without any chance for success. If you know that you need more than shared hosting, but you cannot possibly afford a dedicated server, start with a VPS hosting package. This will help you grow your sales and profits before you switch to dedicated server hosting.

Those without the ability to afford VPS hosting can start with shared hosting, but need to build a plan into the budget for VPS hosting. Once your website starts to see 1,000 or more visitors a day, you will need to upgrade, if not sooner. Make sure you build your business plan around the growth and include upgrading from shared to VPS to dedicated hosting, as your business grows.

Compare Provides

The hosting industry is bogged down with hundreds of companies capable of providing you with an adequate package. The easiest way to separate the best companies from the worst is support. Look at the customer reviews about the companies you’re considering and specifically look for the positive and negative about the support.

A quality hosting company provides fast, reliable and knowledgeable hosting support because they don’t experience issues they can’t handle. Hosting companies without good support usually provide outdated software, web hosting servers and they overload their servers. All of these negatives add up to a support staff fielding more requests than they can handle.

Make Your Decision and Move Forward

After you’ve assessed your needs, budget and the potential provides, you want to choose the right hosting company and package for your needs. Don’t spend too much time waffling about the decision or you’ll never move forward with your project. Look at the research you’ve gathered choose a package. Avoid letting price become the deciding factor and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Web Hosting Servers from ITX Design

If you’re ready to move forward with a reliable hosting company capable of working with any type of website, blog or online entity, ITX Design should be at the top of your list. With award-winning support, experienced industry experts and a variety of hosting packages, you’ll find everything you need.

Not sure about the hosting package best for you? Contact the support team at ITX Design, ask any questions you need answered and let the team of experts guide you to the right choice for your web hosting servers.

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