A Complete Guide to Christian and Church Website Hosting

complete guide to christian and church website hostingIf you’re searching for information about church website hosting, you’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to get unbiased information from people and businesses who are trying to sell you something. While we are a web hosting company that provides discounted Christian web hosting for churches, this article is not about us, what our business offers, or how bad our competitors’ prices are.

Instead, we’ve put together a really useful guide to Christian and church website hosting – how it differs from other web hosting, which churches need websites, and the purpose of creating a church website.

First, let’s define what church website hosting is.

Church website hosting – Similar to “regular” website hosting, except it is offered specifically to churches, ministries, and Christian organizations. Some church website hosting companies provide special discounts to these types of organizations.

Why many Christians don’t bother with “regular” web hosting

But wait, let’s back up. Why would a church need special web hosting in the first place? After all, hosting church websites isn’t any different from hosting a non-Christian website.

Here’s the thing – with shared web hosting, your website “lives” on the same server (and IP address) as many other websites. You and those website owners are sharing the server, hence the term shared web hosting. That’s all fine and dandy until you find out that some of those websites are pornographic or blatantly anti-Christian websites.

Most Christian organizations and churches are uncomfortable with associating their ministry with topics and beliefs that directly contradict the Christian faith, and that’s why many churches opt for Christian-specific church website hosting.

Do churches really need a website?

Absolutely, churches need to have an online presence. Part of the Christian faith is spreading God’s word to the world, and there’s more than enough worldly information available on the web already. It’s important to counter that downward spiral by hosting Godly or Christian-oriented websites online as well.

John 1:5 says “Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” The presence of sinful or unGodly content on the internet doesn’t make it any less important for you to maintain a presence there. If anything, it makes it more important for churches to create and maintain a website.

The purpose of church websites

Churches are in a unique position. They want to encourage people to come to Christ, but they’re also somewhat limited in doing so because the same people attend church each Sunday, they live in a small area, their congregation is complacent, etc.

1. By creating a church website, you’re creating an online platform where you can communicate with not only your church members, but the rest of the world about the most important thing in life: Finding salvation.

2. Once you’ve got a website, you can host a blog where you add weekly or biweekly entries, devotionals, testimonies, and more. By using your church website to create and promote Christian content, you increase your chances of exposing a non-Christian to God’s word and possibly encourage others to seek salvation. What could be better than that?

3. Your church website can also be a great tool for ministering or reaching out to homebound, sick, traveling, or disabled church members that enjoy keeping up with the sermons and bible studies, but can’t attend in person.

4. A final purpose of running a church website is to find and draw in new members. People usually start their search for a church online, so if your church isn’t represented when they search, they have a much lower chance of finding you.

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