The Complete Inbound Marketing Website Checklist

Inbound marketing is what you’ll need to focus on to get your website noticed by your target audience and begin converting them into customers. Start concentrating your efforts on inbound marketing from the start to ensure you don’t waste time sending the wrong people to your website.

Here’s an inbound marketing website checklist you can use to evaluate your website’s needs and weak areas.

The Complete Inbound Marketing Website Checklist

A. Understanding inbound marketing

A working understanding of the goals of inbound marketing is important if you want to get it right! Inbound marketing is any marketing method you use to bring users to your website.

If customers are specks of dirt on the floor, inbound marketing is the broom you use to sweep them up and concentrate them in one area (here, the dustpan is your website). Maybe it’s a bad metaphor, comparing customers to dirt and websites to dustpans, but it demonstrates what inbound marketing’s job is.

Inbound marketing is about…

  • Creating targeted, valuable content for your audience
  • Interacting with your audience through multiple channels
  • Generating and following up on leads
  • Driving traffic to your website

B. Creating a plan

With a solid knowledge of the purpose and role of inbound marketing, you’re ready to create a customized plan for your website. From what we’ve covered so far, you know that you’re supposed to have great content and the ability to drive traffic to your website. Now, we’ll go into more detail on each of those website goals and how to reach them.

Above, we mentioned that inbound marketing is about creating content, generating leads, driving traffic to your website, and reaching your audience through as many channels as possible. To create a plan that accomplishes these steps, you have to break each goal down into actionable steps you can take to reach it.

For example, your inbound marketing plan will include generating leads (acquiring personal contact information from interested parties), so part of your strategy might look like this:

-Create monthly editorial calendar for high-value, downloadable content for lead gen [Guides, lists, eBooks, etc.]

-Make content available on website, include strong CTA and offer visibility from every page

-Compile leads into email list and begin sending interval emails with latest downloadable offers, content, news

C. Your inbound marketing checklist

Now that you’ve mastered inbound marketing, it’s time to create a custom checklist to follow for your website. The items on your checklist should cover the following actions:


  • Attract visitors
  • Convert your visitors into leads
  • Convert your leads into customers
  • Maintain your current customer base with content and engagement

Use these tips to ensure your website’s inbound marketing strategy is effective and purposeful. This checklist will help you remember all of the steps involved to utilizing inbound marketing for the best results.

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