Can SEO Hosting Really Help Your Search Engine Ranking?

seo-search-engine-optimizationCan SEO Hosting Really Help Your Search Engine Ranking?

SEO hosting is a vital part of any SEO profile. Without the right hosting, you may never achieve the best possible ranking for your website.

It takes quite a bit to improve your overall search engine optimization and increase the traffic to your website. However, with the right strategy, you can become one of the top ranked websites on Google, Yahoo and Bing for your specific keywords.

What is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting is any type of hosting using both non-traditional and traditional methods to improve the overall optimization of a website or blog. Companies offering this type of hosting often offer multiple C-Class IPs, content creating and many other SEO-friendly services.

Why are Multiple IPs Important?

In the world of SEO, using a strategy that stretches across multiple domain names, Class Cs, DNS and IPs is very important. Many of the best SEO strategies include using multiple websites for ranking and feeding traffic to the main money site.

If this type of strategy is employed without the use of multiple IPs, it could trigger the search engines to black list all your website. However, when this type of strategy is used and done correctly, it can be very powerful for your overall ranking.

How does your Hosting Affect Your Website SEO?

Hosting can have a massive effect on how your website and blog rank in the search engines. It can also make the difference between landing a new customer and losing them to your competition. Three major factors come into play with any type of SEO hosting:

  • Uptime or Downtime – If the hosting you choose causes large periods of downtime, the search engines won’t rank you nearly as high as a website experiencing very little or no downtime.
  • Speed– Back in 2010, Matt Cutts from Google, stated that the search engine would begin taking site speed into consideration for rankings. This means, if you’re website matches perfectly with your competition on all other SEO aspects, you may rank lower, if your site loads too slowly.
  • Security – Although security won’t have a direct effect on your SEO, it can have a negative affect if you get hacked. Sometimes competitors will utilize hackers to drop your SEO.

These three factors do make a difference when it comes to how your website will rank in the search engines. If you’re site loads slowly or experiences large amounts of downtime, you will lose customers from lower ranking.

Do you Need Dedicated Hosting for the Best SEO?

Search engine optimization is certainly a tricky thing, but one thing is clear, dedicated server hosting is the choice for SEO. With dedicated hosting, you gain the most stable environment, fastest load times, best security and the ability to create a better SEO profile for your website(s).

However, you can still gain high ranking or boost site ranking with both shared and VPS hosting. Both of these types of hosting can load just as fast as dedicated hosting, when utilized properly.

Shared hosting can usually handle quite a bit of traffic, but it all depends on the scripts and applications you are running on the server. If used properly, you won’t have to worry about traffic slowing down your load times until you reach a very high volume.

If you start to notice slower load times or your ranking start to drop, you may want to consider upgrading from shared to VPS or dedicated hosting. This will provide better SEO benefits. When you reach this point, it’s best to contact the support team of your hosting company or the one you plan to use, for a professional recommendation.

ITX Design Offers Top SEO Hosting

Finding the best SEO hosting for your specific needs doesn’t have to be difficult. ITX Design offers shared, VPS and dedicated hosting perfect for gaining the best SEO possible.

All hosting accounts come with 24/7/365 award-winning support, a 99.999% uptime guarantee and all the best SEO features. Whether you want to start a WordPress website or hard code the site yourself, ITX Design offers the right hosting for your needs.

If SEO is the main marketing strategy you plan to use, the right hosting will make a huge difference. Start with an industry leader in SEO hosting today. Choose from a variety of hosting packages offered by ITX Design or contact the support team if you’re not sure which package fits best.

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