Understanding WordPress Theme Framework and Whether You Should Use It

Beginners often don’t understand what WordPress theme framework is, but they should. Often, they understand what a theme is and how to install it, but that’s about as far as it goes. A full understanding of theme framework is important. Once you understand what this is, you will be able to compare WordPress theme framework to ensure you get the most out of your blog or website.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

This term refers to the code library used to facilitate a theme’s developments. Back at the beginning, there were many issues with the way themes were developed and maintained. This was mainly due to the fact that WordPress updates often and themes don’t always update.

One of the major issues with themes, at the beginning, was that the functionality code was often copied and pasted for multiple websites. This may not seem like a big issue, but if there’s a security issue, it will be found on all the websites instead of just one.

The WordPress theme frameworks are used on the parent theme, while developers can use a child theme to add styling. The functionality is the aspect the framework deals with and keeping everything in a central location makes it easier to update the theme framework, when necessary.

What’s the Reason for Using WordPress Theme Frameworks?

WordPress theme frameworks exist in both free and paid themes. You will find that many theme developers will use the same framework across multiple themes. They use theme frameworks to speed up development, mainly.

However, WordPress theme framework can also be used to improve development and reduce security risks. The development time becomes faster because the functionality and the custom options are easier to install and use. Developers can add drag and drop functionality, SEO widgets, sliders and so much more.

Advantages of WordPress Theme Frameworks

Theme frameworks come with many advantages including:

  • Ease of development – A major advantage of using WordPress theme frameworks is the development time reduction.
  • Code Quality – With the use of frameworks, the code is higher in quality. This is due to the peer review process used for most frameworks.
  • Community – Theme frameworks that gain a large amount of popularity also gain a large community. This makes support much easier.
  • Upgrades – You don’t have to worry about upgrading when using frameworks. The child theme allows for easier upgrading without losing any styling.
  • Built-in Functionality – With any frameworks, you will get built-in widgets and other custom options.

Disadvantages of Using Frameworks

As with anything, there are disadvantages to using WordPress theme frameworks, which include:

  • Price – You won’t find many good WordPress theme frameworks without a cost. Most come with a one-time fee or an annual fee for support and updates.
  • Unnecessary Code – Most theme frameworks come with a large amount of functions built-in. This means, if you don’t need all of the functions, there’s a large amount of unnecessary code.
  • Learning Curve – If you’re not familiar with WordPress theme framework, there will be a learning curve involved.
  • Framework Limits – Most frameworks do have their limitations and you may need to really know how to code to achieve the best customizations.

Should You Choose Theme Framework for Your WordPress Website?

Deciding whether or not to use WordPress theme framework isn’t easy. It comes with advantages and disadvantages, which you must consider. Of course, not all situations require WordPress theme framework, but some do.

What are some of the Best WordPress Theme Frameworks?

You can find hundreds of theme frameworks out there, but a few are known as far better than others. Three of the most recommended WordPress theme frameworks include:

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Headways Themes Framework

Headways Themes Framework

Elegant Themes Framework

Elegant Themes Framework

These are just a few of the top WordPress theme frameworks you can use. Headways Theme Framework is one of the top choices for beginners and Genesis Framework by StudioPress is one of the overall best choices.

Before choosing the right theme framework for your project, you should research a few choices. Make sure you can create the type of website you prefer for your project. Not all theme frameworks are the same and you need the right one for your needs.

Now you should have a better understanding of what WordPress Theme Frameworks are and whether you need one or not. If you do decide this is the way to go for you, a premium choice is the best option.

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