Which Tools will help you Sell and Manage Digital Downloads in WordPress?

When you add downloadable files to your pages or posts on WordPress, it’s pretty simple to do and very common among WordPress users. The problem comes in when you would like to have more control over how the files are managed and accessed. The good news is there are now many great plugins that have been designed to allow you to do this.

These specific plugins are simply tools for managing or selling your digital downloads on WordPress. Whether you want to offer digital content to your visitors in the form of eBooks, printable resources, access to your portfolio or free software, you can bypass the limited functionality of WordPress file downloads by adding these great plugins.

Simple File Downloader

Simple File Downloader

Check out the free plugin Simple File Downloader to add file downloads to your posts and pages on WordPress. The plugin will add an Add Download button on the post editor so that when you click the button, you’ll be able to select a file from your Media Library. Add the text you want for the link to that file and then the plugin will insert a shortcode to the post which displays a download link after you’ve published the post. It’s similar to the core WordPress capability but it forces the download right when your visitor clicks the link, it allows you to insert image files and it allows you to add a parameter which displays an image instead of the link text.

Download My eBook

If you want to offer your viewers an eBook, simply add it to your media files. Then, you can add a link to your website for the download. You can even offer image files for download, force downloads, monitor who has been downloading the files and ask for donations in exchange for a file download.

Download Shortcode

This plugin is great for forcing downloads for files inserted into a post or page. Instead of having the file open in another browser window, the plugin will make it easier for your visitors to download the files. All you have to do is activate the Download Shortcode onto the site, wrap the shortcode around the file you’ve added and then when it’s clicked, the files will automatically download.

Easy Media Download

Easy Media Download

Another great option is the Easy Media Download, a free plugin using shortcodes to offer files for download on your site. You’ll use shortcode to display a download button that links to the file and you can change the text size, button color and choose between forced and not forced downloads.

Other great plugin options include:

Simple Download Monitor

Why do I need these when WordPress file downloads are available in its core? These plugins add more features and possibilities since the core WordPress file downloads functionality is lacking in flexibility and user-friendliness.

You can now add digital downloads to your site with these plugins which will help with issues of forcing downloads of files, creating packages of multiple files, learning who is downloading the content, restricting access to downloads and adding a shopping cart to your site.

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