Can You Display a User’s IP Address in WordPress?

It’s possible to display an individual visitors’ IP address within your WordPress website. However, this will require adding a snippet of code to the functions.php file of your theme. You can access this file by logging into your cPanel and going to the root folder for your WordPress website.

Go to WordPress ROOT Directory >> wp-content >> YourThemeName.

Finding The Functions PHP File

Here, you can create your own IP detection for your site. This is done by adding the following snippet of code to your functions.php file.

IP Detection Code Snippet

After you’ve completed this task, you just want to add the right shortcode within a page, post, sidebar widget or anywhere else on your site. The shortcode is:


Adding this to a sidebar widget is done with the text widget. Go to Appearance >> Widgets and add the text widget to your sidebar. Then, add the shortcode to the text widget.

Shortcode In Text Widget

You may need to enable shortcodes for your widgets, as well.

Enabling Shortcodes for WordPress Widgets

If the IP address isn’t displaying correctly, you may need to enable shortcodes for sidebar widgets. You will need to go back to your functions.php file to do this.

Simply access this file again and add the following code and safe the file.

Enable Shortcodes For Widgets

Now you will be able to use any shortcode within the text widget in your sidebar. This will make it possible to display the IP address of the visitor coming to your website.

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  1. dave

    thanks! worked great first try!

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