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How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your New Blog

Starting a new blog is stressful enough without spending days thinking about which theme you should use for the blog. After taking the plunge, you need to have the right theme, but this shouldn’t be a decision you take forever trying to figure out. Many themes will work well for your blog. There are a few things you should consider, however. As you make the decision to choose the right WordPress theme for your new blog, make sure you’re looking at more than how pretty it looks. Your theme needs to be more than just good-looking. Here are a few …

How & Why You Should Consider an Alternate Header for Your WordPress Theme

Have you heard of people telling you to use alternate headers for your WordPress theme? It may make you reminisce about the times when people would use a different look on each page and how old school this is. Myspace is one spot you may be remembering for a time that focused on this. In reality, there’s a practical reason to why you should consider using an alternate header for your WordPress theme and it’s not simply to cure your viewer’s appetite for entertainment. In reality, using an alternate header is practical, especially for an ecommerce site in which you …

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