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Top 5 Credit Card Payment Processing Tools for Small Business

credit card payment processing

As a small business, you want to be able to process your transactions efficiently and access your money fast. There are a ton of credit card and electronic payment processing tools available for small businesses, but only a few deserve your attention. We did the research for you, so here are the top 5 credit card payment processing tools for small business! Top 5 Credit Card Payment Processing Tools 1. Square 2.75% transaction fee Mobile, online, and POS credit card processing Phone support available during business hours Square is our favorite payment processing tool. The app is beautifully designed, clean, …

Why Customer Service is the Most Effective Marketing Tool

When we think about marketing tools, chances are, customer service isn’t one of them. Instead, we’re thinking about web-based tools that are pretty complex at their core, but exist to make marketing our business easier. We don’t often picture customer service as a ‘tool,’ per se, but that’s exactly what it is. Webster defines tool as “a device or implement used to carry out a particular function.” Good customer service will help with several of your business’ marketing functions; removing sales barriers, connecting with customers, answering questions and solving problems, and most importantly, driving sales. So what defines good customer …

Top 5 Logo Makers for Non-Designers

One of the most important factors of your brand’s identity is your logo. It’s one of the few parts of your business or startup that a customer sees as they formulate their first and strongest impression of you. A great logo will help your business stand out and appeal to customers; a bad logo will shrink your chances of making a good first impression on a potential customer. Today, you don’t have to hire a graphic designer to get a great logo, and you don’t have to be a designer yourself. There are a ton of cost effective logo makers …

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