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5 Tips for First Time Startup Founders

If you’re building a startup for the first time, you’re very likely overwhelmed, exhausted, and full of doubts. That’s normal. However, if you’re in a state of perpetual exhaustion or confusion about your efforts and mission, you’re not likely to get anywhere fast. That’s where advice and learning from others’ experiences becomes important. We asked ourselves, “What do we wish we had known about building a company without learning it the hard way?” The result is this: 5 tips for first time startup founders that will help you get off to a good start and plan your steps a little …

5 Negotiation Mistakes That Will Cost You a Deal

5 negotiation mistakes that will cost you a deal

You might be a good negotiator, but making mistakes while negotiating with another party makes you vulnerable in the interaction. One mistake in an important negotiation can be the difference between coming out on top and hitting rock bottom. It’s easier to avoid making mistakes when you know exactly what they are and why people tend to make them. Below, we’ll outline 5 negotiation mistakes you can make that will cost you a deal along with how you can steer clear of making these mistakes. Keep these in mind to become a better negotiator! 5 Negotiation Mistakes That Will Cost You …

7 Keys to Small Business Success

Running a small business doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful. If you look at small businesses that have proven to be successful over time, you begin to notice a trend. Successful small businesses follow a process and adopt a mindset that seem to hold the keys to success for business owners that pay attention. In this post, we’ll outline what we consider to be the 7 keys to small business success and provide some actionable tips for implementing all 7 keys into your own small business. 1) Start small. Don’t spend everything you’ve got on your small business. Play it …

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