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How can you Find the Best Free Plugins for WordPress?

WordPress Plugins

When you’re interested in adding some excellent and free plugins to your WordPress, you have to know which ones are going to be the most relevant. There are over 40,000 plugins available so it’s incredibly hard to discern the ones that would make the most sense for one user. Some users are just looking for a simple span plugin while others want more advanced features. You don’t have time to sort through the thousands of options because it’s not only time-consuming but quite a chore. Rather than sort through the options, here is a look at ways to find the …

Which Free WordPress Plugins are Best for Bloggers?

WordPress SEO By Yoast

There are so many plugins out there and it can be hard to find the best choices. As a blogger, you need specific plugins to help you when you are using WordPress. Here’s a quick look at four of the top choices when it comes to free WordPress plugins for bloggers. WordPress SEO by Yoast Maybe the single most important free plugin for bloggers, WordPress SEO by Yoast will help you build better SEO. It’s a great choice for WordPress users and will provide an up-to-date choice for the best possible SEO practices on your blog. Google Analytics by Yoast …

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