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A forum can be a very powerful addition to your web project. Whether you want to create a forum to allow your customers to discuss the products you offer or to provide better support, the right forum hosting is necessary.

Some types of hosting won’t work very well for your forum, especially as your membership grows. Choosing a hosting company with more than just shared hosting packages is the best way to ensure you can upgrade when the time comes. As your forum membership grows, shared hosting may not be able to support the traffic you receive. When this happens, you need to upgrade to VPS hosting or a dedicated server.

With ITX Design, upgrading to the next level is easy. Our team of experts take care of moving everything for you with the least amount of downtime possible.

The First Step for Starting a Forum

Before you choose the right hosting package for your new forum, you will need to choose the right application. Some of the most popular choices include:

Any of these choices will provide a great choice for your new forum. Pairing one of the above applications with the top forum hosting will give you all the power you need. Your new forum will run seamlessly, as long as you choose a hosting company capable of providing a strong foundation for your forum.

The Best Forum Hosting Comes from ITX Design

At ITX Design, we provide every customer with the support they need, any time of the day and any day of the year. Getting the best forum hosting requires the best support. Our team provides over ten years of hosting experience and knowledge. With top experts in the hosting field, on your team, you won’t need to worry about anything.

Our three levels of hosting give you access to all the necessary resources. You can start with shared hosting if you’re on a tight budget and upgrade to VPS later. However, if you plan to market your forum quickly or you’re moving a popular forum from another hosting company, you may need a VPS hosting package with your own resources.

VPS hosting provides a better foundation for your forum because you get your own set of resources unlike shared hosting. You won’t have to share your resources with any other account and you can always upgrade to a larger VPS package as you grow.

Of course, the absolute best forum hosting comes in the form of dedicated server hosting. With your own dedicated server, you gain access to all the resources of the server. Custom security options are available and you won’t need to worry about how large your forum becomes. Dedicated hosting can support a large membership base and plenty of traffic. If you want the best possible forum hosting, choose one of the four ITX Design dedicated server hosting packages.

What Type of Forum Hosting do we Provide?

At ITX Design, we provide all types of forum hosting from vBulletin hosting to BBPress hosting. No matter which one of the forum applications you choose, we can provide the right hosting for your needs.

Every hosting package we offer comes complete with the Softaculous auto-script installer. This package of scripts includes many choices for your overall needs and a few very powerful choices for your new forum. With every package, you get phpBB, Simple Machines and more. This makes it easy to start your new forum in just a few minutes.

Our hosting packages meet or exceed the minimum requirements of most forum software applications. If you’re not sure which package is right for you, just contact our support team and we will help you make the right choice.

The Advantage of Forum Hosting from ITX Design

Since we provide the best support in the industry, along with all the necessary features, forum hosting form ITX Design provides many advantages. If you’re moving from another hosting company, you will notice a difference because of our incredible support and up-to-date servers. We also provide cPanel for all users, which is one of the easiest administration panels found online today.

Our user-friendly control panel, 24/7 technical support and variety of packages make your forum hosting decision easy. Get started today with a shared, VPS or dedicated hosting package and your forum can be live with minutes.

ITX Design is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration provider. We provide dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including Reseller Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting and Christian Web Hosting.
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