Yahoo Hosting vs BlueHost vs ITX Design – Unlimited Hosting for Your Needs

Did you know Yahoo offers hosting for businesses and individuals? This very recognizable brand does offer hosting, but most people don’t recognize Yahoo as a hosting company.

Even though Yahoo offer hosting and it’s competitively prices, doesn’t mean it’s good. Hosting from a company that doesn’t specialize in hosting can be dangerous. Let’s take a look at Yahoo Hosting vs. BlueHost vs. ITX Design to discover the truth.

Comparing Yahoo Hosting and BlueHost

Yahoo is a search engine with many facets to their business model. Hosting happens to be one of these facets, but it’s not one of their major concentrations.

BlueHost was started in 1996 and provides over 16 years of hosting experience. They have had their ups and downs, but they are recognized as a leader in the industry. BlueHost specializes in shared hosting and offers other options, as well.

When comparing Yahoo Hosting vs. BlueHost, it’s easy to see which is best after ranking each aspect below:

  • Features – BlueHost 4-stars, Yahoo 3-stars
  • Price – BlueHost 5-stars, Yahoo 2-stars
  • Speed – BlueHost 3-stars, Yahoo 4-stars
  • Uptime- Both 4-stars
  • Support – Both 4-stars
  • Overall – BlueHost 4-stars, Yahoo 3.5-stars

It may not seem like much of a difference, but in the hosting world a half of a star is huge. BlueHost outshines Yahoo Hosting with more features and better pricing. BlueHost wins the battle of Yahoo Hosting vs. BlueHost.

Yahoo Hosting vs. ITX Design

There really isn’t much of a comparison when looking at Yahoo Hosting vs. ITX Design. Yahoo doesn’t offer the experienced professional or the variety of hosting options that ITX Design offers.

ITX Design provides more features than Yahoo Hosting does and they also provide VPS and dedicated hosting options. Overall, Yahoo Hosting cannot hold its own in the arena with ITX Design or BlueHost.

This leaves us with two companies, BlueHost vs. ITX Design. Let’s take a closer look.

BlueHost vs. ITX Design

BlueHost is a one-size-fits-all hosting company when it comes to shared hosting, whereas ITX Design offers three different options. Along with fewer options, BlueHost doesn’t offer all of the features provided to the customers of ITX Design.

ITX Design provides more payment options with month-to-month, quarterly, annual or bi-annual billing. BlueHost doesn’t offer any payment options below one year. This makes is hard for someone on a shoe-string budget to buy hosting from BlueHost. It also makes it difficult to test them out without committing to multiple years of hosting with the company.

Both offer VPS hosting, but ITX Design has been offering this type of hosting for longer. BlueHost just started offering more than shared hosting two years ago and they do not have the experience in the arena necessary to make it worth the cost.

ITX Design provides a better technical support team, as well. All the experts at ITX Design have over a decade of hosting experience and provide award-winning support. The support from BlueHost isn’t bad, but it’s just not as good as what you get from ITX Design.

In the battle of BlueHost vs. ITX Design, the winner is ITX Design. They offer better options, better payment choices, more resources, more features and better support.

Making the Right Hosting Choice

After a thorough look at Yahoo Hosting vs. BlueHost vs. ITX Design, the right choice for your hosting should be easy.

Yahoo isn’t a hosting company and this isn’t even one of their major concentrations. They don’t provide the features, support or options you need to grow your website properly.

BlueHost provides good hosting and good support, but they just don’t have the expertise of ITX Design. BlueHost’s one-size-fits-all hosting package is a bit dangerous due to reports of overloaded servers and slow load times.

If you want to take the worry out of hosting your website and you want to make sure you provide a strong foundation for your new site, choose ITX Design for all your hosting needs. Start with shared hosting and as you grow, you can upgrade to VPS and even to a dedicated server.

Hosting is far too important to choose based on price. Make sure you get the right hosting company, with the best support for your website.

ITX Design is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration provider. We provide dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including Reseller Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting and Christian Web Hosting.
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