WordPress vs Blogger – A Clear Winner is Revealed

WordPress vs Blogger Comparison Chart
WordPress and Blogger are widely known as two of the top choices for blogging. Both provide a platform for your blog, but one is clearly a better choice than the other. After looking at both Blogger and WordPress, it will be very clear which one is the better choice.


WordPress logoBefore we look at WordPress, it’s important to note, we are comparing the WordPress platform you get with a hosting package to Blogger, not the free version given from WordPress.com. The free version has its own merits, but you will still run into the issue of not having full control over your website and blog.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the planet. It’s so highly customizable that your website and blog won’t look like they are running on the WordPress platform. When you look at the many differences between WordPress vs. Blogger, this is one thing you will notice. Blogger sites are easy to spot and they all look very similar. With WordPress, full customization is possible.

The core features of WordPress include:

  • Custom Themes and CSS options
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Completely Ad-free
  • Free and Premium Themes available
  • Thousands of Free and Premium Plug-ins
  • Ability to easily integrate social media
  • Full Static Page Capabilities
  • Accessible from your Smartphone

Along with the many core features, you can host WordPress on your own hosting account. This allows you to use your own domain name and control every aspect of your website and blog. In other words, YOU OWN IT! This avoids the possibility of having Blogger shut your site down without warning.

In addition, WordPress has amazing support and incredible documentation making it easy to find help with anything WordPress related. Backed by a talented, thriving, open source community, there will always be someone able to help you with any questions or problems you might run into.


Blogger logoFirst, let’s take a look at what Blogger is and what this platform offers. In 2003, Google acquired Blogger and has since kept it running. The dashboard has been updated a few times and some features have been added to the program. However, it does look a bit ancient. Some of the core features include:

  • A Template Designer
  • Free Hosting on Blogspot or Blogger
  • Free Sub-Domain
  • Add Media to posts
  • Easy access to Google’s Advertising Programs
  • Static Page capability
  • Mobile Access from most Smartphones

At first glance, these features may seem perfect for your blog and website. However, understanding what hosting your website and blog on a sub-domain means will quickly have you thinking twice about using Blogger.

A sub-domain name is a subset created of another domain name. For example, if your domain name is www.yourcompany.com, you could create a subdomain name called blog.yourcompany.com.

This is exactly what you get with Blogger. Your blog and website will be set up on a sub-domain, such as myblog.blogspot.com. Yes, they do allow you to forward a real domain to this, but there are serious disadvantages to this type of set up including:

  • Less control
  • Potential for complete deletion
  • You Don’t Own It!

When you use Blogger, you could have your blog and website shut down at any time by Google for any reason. Imagine spending an entire year creating content just to see it all disappear overnight. This has happened to some people that have decided to use Blogger before.

WordPress vs Blogger

Comparing WordPress and Blogger

The comparison isn’t even worth talking about because WordPress outshines Blogger in EVERY category. The main point to make here is that you don’t own your website and blog with Blogger, but with a hosted website using WordPress you own every last bit of it.

Blogger may be free, but owning your website and blog is vital to its success. For less than $15 a year, you can own the domain name and for less than $10 a month, you can host it and use WordPress. That is a small price to pay for full control and ownership of your website and blog.
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Hosting Your Site and Blog with ITX Design

After understanding which is better between WordPress and Blogger, you will probably start shopping for a hosting company. ITX Design not only offers you access to WordPress within any hosting package you choose, but also provides the top hosting support in the business. When you have a question, ITX Design has an answer and they won’t keep you waiting.

If you want the best content management system, along with the best hosting, choose a package from ITX Design and use WordPress on your own domain name.

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