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Top qdPM Hosting for Better Project Management

The power provided by the right qdPM hosting will make it easier to manage all your projects. This software is perfect for a smaller team of workers, managing multiple projects. However, a good hosting package with the right resources is necessary if you want to get the most out of qdPM.

What is qdPM?

A free web-based project management application providing many benefits, qdPM gives you the power to grow and achieve all your goals. Easily customize the configurations to manage all your tasks, workers and projects. Interact with your customers through a ticket system and use the task manager to assign projects, track progress and deliver the final product.

The current version was released in May of 2013 and provides plenty of updates. IT comes with a General Public License and supports multiple languages. You will need SQL-based hosting with the right resources to host qdPM. Features include:

  • Manage Projects
  • Configure Access
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Export Completed Projects
  • Manage, filter and assign tasks
  • Communicate with Customers through Support Tickets
  • Create Discussions between Project Teams
  • Manage and Communicate with Users
  • Schedule deadlines
  • Customize with multiple skins
  • Set User Access Controls
  • Add extra fields to projects, tickets, users and tasks
  • Create and run multiple reports
  • Send email
  • Forum Support
  • And More!

These powerful features make it easy to manage any type of business from anywhere. With the right qdPM hosting, you can access your system no matter where you are and make sure all your workers are staying on task.

If you need more than just the basic features, you can opt for the extended version of qdPM. This will give you more benefits, better user access controls and more customizations for your business.

The Right Hosting for qdPM Project Management

If you choose a hosting company not capable of providing the basic requirements, you may not get all the power out of qdPM you need. However, with the right hosting, you will gain all the benefits of this powerful project management software.

Most users will only need a shared hosting package with MySQL. This will give you everything you need to host your new system. However, as your team grows, you may need to upgrade your hosting. VPS hosting provides better custom options for security and your own set of resources, which makes qdPM perform better. This is a great way to make sure you get the most from your new management tool.

Another hosting option, which fits best with larger companies, is dedicated hosting. This hosting option gives you a larger set of resources and provides more power for qdPM. It’s the best type of hosting in the industry, but it’s also the most expensive. If your budget cannot support dedicated hosting, you can start with shared or VPS hosting while you grow.

Why ITX Design Provides the Best qdPM Hosting in the Industry?

Many companies claim they provide great hosting and some actually do. However, companies only offering one shared hosting package don’t give you the power to grow as needed. Once you max out the resources of your shared package, you won’t be able to use the company any longer. This causes a transfer from one company to another, which isn’t always easy. If you’re locked into a contract with your hosting company, you may find yourself in a fight with them over the transfer.

At ITX Design, we provide three levels of hosting, making it easy to upgrade when you outgrow the shared hosting package. Our team will take care of everything with the smallest amount of downtime possible. Once you outgrow our shared hosting package, we can easily move you to a VPS package with more resources and custom options.

Our experienced support team will take care of everything, whether you need to upgrade or you’re moving from another hosting company. We will recommend the right qdPM hosting package and make the transition as easy as possible. With all the best features and plenty of resources, ITX Design gives you a strong foundation for project management.

Get started with the best hosting in the industry for qdPM and for many other software applications. If you’re not sure which package fits best with your business, contact our support team and we will recommend the right choice for your specific needs.

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