PHP vs Java

php vs Java

A Full Comparison of PHP vs Java

Looking at what Java and PHP provide may open the door to the right possibility for your website. Both of these choices provide scalable and flexible options for the applications you need. Which one is right for you? Before you choose the right one for you, it’s necessary to look at the benefits of both.

Benefits of PHP

php logoPHP is another top programming language used by web developers. This language provides a number of benefits including:

  • Easy to Learn
  • Open Source
  • Efficient Coding Language
  • Plenty of Support

Just as Java is very easy to learn, so is PHP. It becomes even easier to learn if you’re familiar with syntax or have experience with Pearl and C.

Along with being easy to learn PHP is an open source coding language, which means you gain access to a huge community for support. It’s also provided free of cost because of the open source feature.

If you write the code properly, PHP becomes one of the most efficient web languages you can use. It provides plenty of scalability and gives developers the ability to create applications easily.

Benefits of Java

Java logoJava provides many benefits as a programming language. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Easy to learn
  • Object Oriented
  • Platform Independence

These three benefits provide more than you might think. If you’re new to programming, Java is easy to learn, write, compile and debug compared to other programming languages.

Along with Java providing an easy programming language to learn, it also allows you to create reusable code and modular programs. Java also provides the most significant benefit of being platform-independent. This means the language can be moved from one computer system to another easily. You can run the same program on many different systems, which provides plenty of flexibility.

What is the Major Difference Between Java and PHP?

PHP and Java are both very similar when it comes to the benefits provided, but they are both very different. PHP is a server side scripting language, while Java is a client side choice.

When you use PHP code, you will execute it in the actual server, while Java will be executed on your client’s computer. This means, if you use Java and the client doesn’t have the right program, such as Java Runtime Environment, your webpage won’t show up. With PHP, this isn’t an issue.
PHP vs Java

Which is Better Between PHP and Java?

Many will say it’s all about the preference of the programmer, which is true, to a point. Looking at the benefits provided by both Java and PHP, it’s clear they are both very powerful. However, many programmers that use both languages will tell you PHP is the better choice.

The main reason programmers choose PHP over Java is the speed. It’s much faster to develop and PHP tends to have fewer issues when using shared hosting. When using Java, it’s best to have a dedicated server for your hosting.

Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Use Java?

No. Java is very useful when it comes to larger web applications development. It’s a great choice for Android programming, as well. Sometimes, it is all about the preference and the project you’re taking on. Java has plenty of uses and can provide a number of benefits, if used for the right project.

Both PHP and Java are widely accepted and used for web development. Some developers will use both codes, depending on what the project call for, while others have their own preference. Java is often known as the industry standard and a bit more robust, while PHP is free and has a larger set of support resources.

PHP is also known to be easier to rebuild and customize than Java. It’s also free, while Java is not. However, students of Java can earn a certification, while PHP doesn’t have any type of qualifying level.

Choosing PHP or Java isn’t the easiest decision. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, for some projects one is certainly better than the other. Most small and medium projects are better with PHP vs. Java. However, larger projects are better with Java vs. PHP.

If you’re looking for a free choice, PHP is the right one. Just make sure you get the benefits you need from PHP compared to Java, before you choose the programming language for your needs.
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