osCommerce vs PrestaShop

OsCommerce vs PrestaShop Comparison Chart

Deciding Between osCommerce vs PrestaShop

Your shopping cart decision will make a difference with both your online store and your customers. A shopping cart easy for you to use, but difficult for your customers won’t cut it. You need one of the best choices and comparing osCommerce vs PrestaShop will help you make the right decision.

These two solutions are known as two of the top choices on the market today. They provide online stores for thousands of online businesses. Choosing between osCommerce and PrestaShop isn’t easy because both provide a great way to create your online store. However, by comparing osCommerce vs PrestaShop, it will be easier to zero in on which one fits with your specific needs.


A well-known open-source shopping cart solution, osCommerce was created in 2000. This is one of the most flexible and scalable options you will find online. However, osCommerce has lost some popularity with many newcomers to the marketplace. The osCommerce shopping cart solution powers over 13,000 online stores and has a large community of users.


A younger, yet more popular shopping cart solution, PrestaShop powers over 125,000 online stores. This system is known as the rising star of the marketplace. They provide both easy use and intelligent design with plenty of features, functions and an excellent admin panel.

osCommerce vs PrestaShop Market Share

Benefits of Both Solutions

Both PrestaShop and osCommerce provide a free version making it easy to use either system if you’re on a budget. Any size business can benefit from either option. However, PrestaShop is designed for the small to medium sized business. Whether you need to run an online store with a hundred products of tens of thousands, both support these options. PrestaShop and osCommerce both give you a ton of extensions/plugins to use for customization of your shopping cart, as well.

How osCommerce and PrestaShop Differ

Looking at osCommerce vs PrestaShop, it’s easy to spot some of the major differences. PrestaShop released a stable and up-to-date version more recent than osCommerce. PrestaShop also provide more features and allows you to download, fill with products and start selling online in just a few minutes. The most important functions are ready to go and the product management system within PrestaShop is better than any other system on the market.

With osCommerce, you gain the ability to sell any number or type of products online. They support numerous languages, currencies and payment gateways. Order management is included in the system and osCommerce makes it easy to customize your store with over 7,000 extensions.

osCommerce vs PrestaShop

Who Should Use osCommerce

After comparing osCommerce vs PrestaShop, it’s clear; those with a good knowledge or programming may prefer osCommerce to PrestaShop. This will give you more customization options, but if you don’t understand programming language, you will be lost with most of the features of osCommerce.

Who Should Use PrestaShop?

Small to medium sized businesses and those looking to set up their shopping cart should choose PrestaShop. This shopping cart solution is far easier to set up than osCommerce and will provide more plugins, customization features and overall features than osCommerce. Even some larger businesses will prefer the flexibility and ease of use from PrestaShop compared to osCommerce.

Starting with the Right Hosting Package

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Our comparison of osCommerce vs PrestaShop should help you make the right decision for your shopping cart software. Get started with a hosting package from ITX Design today and we will help you choose the package perfect for your eCommerce solution.

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