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Running an online store isn't easy without the right hosting and ecommerce shopping cart software. Deciding to use osCommerce will provide you with many advantages. However, you won't be able to take full advantage of this powerful shopping cart application without the right hosting.

osCommerce Hosting

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osCommerce Hosting Package Includes

Reliability is Key

Just about every hosting company on the planet states they can give you 99.99% uptime. However, over half cannot deliver on this promise. Choosing an osCommerce hosting company capable of actually delivering the most uptime possible is important. You need a host with reliable servers and an experienced support staff.

Any hosting company not offering 24/7 support won’t cut it. You need to be able to call the support line or chat with someone online any time you have a problem. Losing even one customer because of the lack of support your hosting company gives you is not acceptable.

Requirements to Host osCommerce

Choosing the right hosting company matters, but you must also look at the requirements of the program. OsCommerce requires at least PHP v4 and MySQL v3. These are the base requirements, but you may want to choose a hosting company with versions of PHP and MySQL more up-to-date than the requirements.

The osCommerce website recommends PHP v5 or better and MySQL v5 or better. These options will give you better security and they can be hosting on just about any type of hosting package.

Which osCommerce Web Hosting Package is Right for You?

The majority of osCommerce users choose a shared hosting package because it’s the cheapest and the most widely offers. However, this won’t fit for every online store. The best way to figure out which hosting package you need is to look at a few different elements.


The amount of daily traffic you will receive makes the biggest difference. With shared hosting, your online store will pull resources from the same server as many other hosting accounts. This is done in an “all you can eat” style. The resources are not evenly distributed throughout the accounts on the server and when one site pulls too much, it can cause a slow down for everybody else on the server.

VPS and dedicated server options give you an allotted amount of resources to use every month. These resources help you to larger amounts of traffic without any slow load times or downtime.


Another important consideration when choosing your hosting is security. Shared osCommerce hosting packages offer security, but it’s not customizable or the best in the business. Adding an SSL certificate will help, but it still won’t offer the security you get from other hosting options.

With a VPS hosting package or a dedicated server for your osCommerce hosting, you will be able to customize the security. Dedicated hosting is the best option for the highest level of security and a necessity if you plan to store customer information on your hosting account.

Marketing Plan

Maybe you don’t have much traffic now or won’t at first. However, you plan to market aggressively once your site and store are ready for the public. If this is the case, you need to consider matching your hosting to your marketing plan. Aggressive marketing can lead to large amounts of traffic, which may cause issues if you choose an osCommerce shared hosting package. However, you won’t have these same issues if you choose a VPS or dedicated hosting package.

OsCommerce Web Hosting with ITX Design

At ITX Design, we not only offer shared, VPS and dedicated hosting packages, but we also offer around the clock support and some of the most reliable servers in the industry. If you’re looking for the best osCommerce hosting package on the market, we can help.  The best osCommerce hosting will provide a strong foundation for your online store.

Our support team is comprised of hosting experts with more than a decade of experience in the industry. All of our staff is highly skilled and ready to support you along your new journey.

Whether you’re starting a fresh website and store or migrating from another hosting company, we can provide everything you need. Our team will even help move your website to our servers. Choosing to host your osCommerce website with ITX Design will provide you with all the advantages you need.

We deal with low and high traffic website every day and our support team is rated at one of the best in the industry.

If you’re ready to get started, choose one of our shared, VPS or dedicated hosting packages today. Maybe you don’t know what type of hosting you need. You can contact our support team and we will help match you with the right osCommerce hosting package to fit your specific situation.

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