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In the business world today, it’s necessary to accept credit cards. More transactions happen online than ever before and without the ability to accept credit and debit cards, you won’t be able to conduct much business online.

Online businesses need merchant accounts to accompany their web hosting. This is a necessity with any eCommerce website and many other types of websites. Without the right web hosting and a merchant account, it will be hard to find success with your online business.

Start Accepting Credit Cards Now!

Merchant Accounts from ITX Design

You already know that ITX Design provides the best hosting found online today. With packages ranging from shared to dedicated server hosting, you can get the right type of hosting for your needs. All packages come with plenty of software to get you up and running fast.

However, if you don’t have a merchant account, you won’t be able to accept credit and debit cards for online orders. At ITX Design, we also offer merchant accounts through e-onlinedata. Each account comes with the highest quality credit card processing and payment solutions.

You won’t even need to wait for a Merchant ID Number. With Instant Establishment, you get your ID number as soon as your application has been submitted. This allows you to start accepting Visa and MasterCard immediately.

What you Get with a Merchant Account from ITX Design

Many benefits come along with a merchant account from ITX Design. Not only will you be able to accept Visa and MasterCard, but you will also benefit from all of the following:

  • No Annual Fees
  • No need for leasing machines
  • No penalties for termination (must provide 60-day written notice)
  • No AVS Fees
  • No fee for your application
  • Full 24/7 technical support and customer service support toll free

The fees associated with your merchant account include:

  • 2.29% qualified discount rate for Visa and MasterCard
  • $0.30 fee per transaction
  • $10 monthly service fee
  • $25 monthly processing minimum required

Our merchant accounts use Authorize.NEt as the gateway and there’s a one-time $79 set up fee. Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be able to start accepting credit cards from your customers immediately.

Accept Credit Cards

We offer a complete ecommerce solution! We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step to make it simple for you to start selling products online. All of our hosting accounts come with free Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions that make it easy to manage your online catalog. For users that wish to accept credit cards online we can even walk you through the process of setting up a merchant account so you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express!
Start Accepting Credit Cards Now!


Start Accepting Credit Cards Today


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