iPage vs GoDaddy vs ITX Design – Do You Want a Domain Name or Hosting?

Hosting battles and comparisons are a great way to help you figure out which company should be the foundation for your website. Hosting is like the house for your website and everybody knows a house needs a strong foundation. Let’s take a look at hosting from iPage, GoDaddy and ITX Design.

The battle between iPage vs. GoDaddy vs. ITX Design start with a look at GoDaddy compared to iPage.

iPage vs. GoDaddy

IPage is in the hosting business and they specialize in shared hosting. They offer a competitively priced package with plenty of add-on options, features and resources.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, is a domain registration company offering hosting packages. It’s important to understand this difference. GoDaddy may be a more recognizable name, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of their hosting options.

When looking at iPage vs. GoDaddy, it’s clear that iPage is a far better hosting company. GoDaddy may offer a better price for your domain name, but they simply don’t offer the quality of hosting you need.

Most hosting companies with GoDaddy end up purchasing the hosting package because they originally went to the site for a domain name. This may seem like a good idea, but GoDaddy doesn’t provide the support or the technology necessary to give you the strongest foundation for your website.

IPage is the winner in the battle of iPage vs. GoDaddy. Now, the battle must move on to iPage vs. ITX Design.

iPage vs. ITX Design

Both iPage and ITX Design offer shared, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions for your business needs. Shared hosting is the least expensive from both companies, of course. However, you only get one shared hosting choice with iPage compared to three with ITX Design.

A closer look at VPS hosting will show you that both these companies are about equal with their offering in this category. VPS hosting is used to bridge the pricing gap between shared and dedicated hosting options. Both offer similar pricing for similar packages when it comes to VPS hosting.

However, dedicated hosting is a bit different. IPage offers good options, with adequate resources, but ITX Design offers better options with more resources. The pricing is similar, but you get more value when you choose ITX Design for your dedicated hosting needs.

The winner in the battle of hosting between iPage vs. ITX Design is ITX Design.

Does ITX Design Beat GoDaddy?

This question may seem absurd after what you just read, but it still needs to be addressed. GoDaddy vs. ITX Design isn’t much of a battle because GoDaddy simply doesn’t provide what ITX Design can give you.

Businesses and individuals are better off with a hosting company capable of fulfilling their current hosting needs and any future needs as they grow. If you choose GoDaddy hosting, you will be stuck with a lower level package and as soon as you outgrow it, you will have to leave their hosting for a new company.

With ITX Design, you can upgrade at any time. As your traffic grows, you can grow, as well. Shared hosting will only last so long and you will need to upgrade to VPS hosting. When this happens, the team at ITX Design will move everything for you with very little downtime.

The Overall Battle

This battle between iPage vs. GoDaddy vs. ITX Design leaves only one clear winner, ITX Design. IPage is an adequate hosting company and offers a great price for shared hosting, but saving a dollar or two a month will cost you in the long run.

Both iPage and GoDaddy don’t perform as well when it comes to customer reviews either. Many complaints have been filed against the support of GoDaddy hosting because they just don’t provide the expertise of a real hosting company. IPage may provide better expertise, but they are a bit slow to answer support requests.

The technical support from ITX Design is at the top of the industry. It’s fast, accurate and provided by experts with over a decade of experience in the industry.

If you want the best foundation for your website, the answer is simple. Host your new website with one of the many packages from ITX Design and you won’t need to worry about the strength of your foundation.

ITX Design is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration provider. We provide dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including Reseller Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting and Christian Web Hosting.
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