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A Better Choice in Image Hosting

With so many free image hosting options, it’s hard to know whether you’re getting a good choice for your images or not. Most free image services don’t provide everything you need, especially if you plan to use one of the top image gallery software applications. Free hosting for your image gallery won’t provide you with all the necessary resources or the features you really need.

At ITX Design, we offer image gallery hosting and support the top image galleries including TinyWebGallery, Piwigo, Gallery and ZenPhoto. Our shared, VPS and dedicated hosting packages all provide more than the minimum requirements for your new image gallery. Whether you plan to host just a few images or thousands, we provide the right hosting for your needs.

Why do you Need an Image Gallery?

Alt and Title TagsMany benefits come along with great image hosting for your gallery. With the combination of the right gallery application and the best hosting, you can communicate on your website/blog with images, gain higher conversions and provide excellent SEO benefits.

Images are a very powerful way to communicate and they help break up written content. In addition, using the Title and ALT tags provide excellent SEO benefits. When you host your own images, you won’t have to worry about issues with your pictures not loading. Since you will be hosting them in your own gallery, many of the issues experienced from free image hosting solutions won’t be an issue for you.

If you plan to build your web project with SEO as one of your marketing strategies, you need an image gallery. Optimized images help your pages and posts rank higher and they also show up in the image search results on Google. These benefits help drive more traffic to your website and create a better overall user experience.

Hosting your Image Gallery with the Right Package

image-hosting-mainImages take up quite a bit of space and you need the right hosting if you plan to host hundreds or even thousands of images. Those moving their image gallery from another host, just need to contact the support team at ITX Design for a hosting recommendation. If you’re unsure of the right package, our support will help you make the right decision.

Most beginners and some veterans will be able to start with one of our three shared hosting packages. This is the least expensive way to start and will provide the necessary resources for your new image gallery. However, if you plan to grow quickly, you may need to upgrade to VPS hosting in the near future.

If you plan to host hundreds of images as soon as you start your website, you may want to start with one of our VPS hosting packages. This will provide your own set of resources and will give you the ability to host more images and handle more traffic. High traffic websites or those planning to market aggressively will need to start with VPS hosting, as well.

Large websites should consider a dedicated server, especially if you plan to host thousands of images or you need added security benefits. Dedicated server hosting is by far the best hosting in the business and provides a full server of resources for your image hosting. If your site will allow users to host images on your hosting account, you will need a dedicated package to meet your requirements.

Why Choose ITX Design for Your Image Hosting?

At ITX Design, we provide all the best features in the hosting industry, along with a top support team ready to help you 24/7. Our service is second to none and we know how to match the right hosting option with your specific needs. Whether you start with a shared hosting package and upgrade later or you choose VPS or dedicated hosting from the beginner, you gain access to our experienced hosting support team.

Competitive prices, the best support in the business, a user-friendly administration area (cPanel) and many other options make hosting your images with ITX Design a great choice. Our servers are monitored around the clock to ensure you don’t suffer from down time or slow load times. We help you succeed by providing the best image hosting in the business. Get started today with one of our many packages or contact support for a recommendation.

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