HostGator vs GoDaddy vs ITX Design – Who’s the Winner?

Let the battle of three huge hosting companies begin. HostGator vs. GoDaddy vs. ITX Design may just be the comparison you need to make the right hosting decision for your website. Whether you’re hosting a personal site or you need hosting for multiple business websites, all three of these companies are able to fulfill your needs. So, which one is the best?


HostGator offers shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting options. With plenty of different packages, you can certainly find the one that fits your budget and your needs.

Many customers choose HostGator because they offer a month-to-month payment option, which other hosting companies don’t offer. However, this isn’t a good reason to choose a hosting company.

HostGator is the largest hosting company available and they do have over a decade of experience. However, they made some big changes over the past year, which has changed their hosting.

Major changes have been made to the customer service and the technical support of HostGator. Even though they provide a number of different hosting packages, and a month-to-month payment option, they are not the winner of this battle.

HostGator’s support and service have gone downhill and have caused many complaints by customers and now former customers. They have lost business due to some of the changes they’ve made and until they recover, this isn’t the safest bet on the hosting market.


Just about everybody has heard of GoDaddy. They make waves with risqué Super Bowl commercials and they market all over the world. However, they are not known for hosting.

GoDaddy is known for selling domain names and they do this very well. If you need a domain name, they are a great choice. However, when it comes to hosting, GoDaddy isn’t the best choice by a long shot.

Without the popularity of the domain name side of their business, GoDaddy wouldn’t even be in the hosting discussion.

GoDaddy offers competitive prices, but they don’t back the price up with the resources or support you need. Many customers have complained about the hosting offered and often they only chose GoDaddy because they offer hosting as an add-on when you buy a domain name.

Comparing GoDaddy to HostGator and ITX Design isn’t even fair because GoDaddy hosting is simply terrible. If you want to achieve success online with your website, don’t use GoDaddy for hosting.

ITX Design

Offers shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting, just like HostGator. ITX design provides the best servers in the business, plenty of different hosting packages and the top support team.

ITX Design provides individuals, businesses of all sizes, churches and many other types of organizations with the right hosting for their specific needs. This company may not be as large as HostGator, but they only hire the best experts to manage their hosting servers and provide technical support for their customers.

With a number of great hosting options, all the necessary features, plenty of resources and the ability to seamlessly move from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated hosting, customers are raving about ITX Design.

What are Customers Saying About HostGator, GoDaddy and ITX Design?

Customer reviews usually tell us more about a hosting company than anything else. Since most of the resources are the same and just about every company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, we have to look at customer reviews to see how these guarantees are really backed up.

HostGator has a mix of good and bad reviews. As stated before, this is due to some of the changes they made over the past year. They may bounce back strong, but this company isn’t there yet.

GoDaddy has a few good reviews, but they are hard to find with all the bad reviews. Simply put, their hosting isn’t up to par with any other top hosting company on the market.

Customers are very kind to ITX Design and nearly every review has given this hosting company high marks. They provide a foundation with the best servers and technology, and then back it up with great customer service and technical support.

The Winner

After looking closely at the battle between HostGator vs. GoDaddy vs. ITX Design, it’s easy to see which company comes out on top. This battle goes to ITX Design.

ITX Design is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration provider. We provide dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including Reseller Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting and Christian Web Hosting.
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