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Discovering the Power of eyeOS Hosting

The right eyeOS hosting can make a big difference in the performance of this open source program. This powerful program gives user the ability to do more with their projects, but without good hosting, it may not provide all the benefits advertised. At ITX Design, we provide hosting to fit all your needs, whether you choose eyeOS or another program.

What is eyeOS?

EyeOS is a web desktop program using cloud computing to create a whole desktop with file management, collaborative tools, personal management tools and more. The program is written in XML, JavaScript and PHP.

The program was released in 2005, but the first stable release wasn’t until April of 2012. The professional edition was released, providing a better choice for those using the eyeOS program. It works with more than one language and a commercial licensing is possible, as well.

Developers using eyeOS can use the toolkit to figure out the integrated parts of the program. It’s possible to create your own repository with the Portage-based eyeSoft and use it to distribute applications.

The professional edition allows a commercial solution for businesses. IT gives users the same web desktop interface with more options perfect for the enterprise users. New features include the ability to synchronize and share files in the eyeSync feature, along with an active directory connection and local file execution tool. All of these features make the program better for those looking for more out of eyeOS.

This open source program has received a number of awards since 2007 including:

  • Softedia’s Pick Award
  • Yahoo! Spain Web Revelation Award
  • Project of the Month by SourceForge
  • BMW Innovative Award
  • MIT TR35 Award
  • And More!

Along with all the awards, the eyeOS community is growing. Plenty of support is found within the eyeOS Forums, which reached the 10,000-member mark back in 2008.

Features of eyeOS

EyeOS comes with many features in the regular version and the pro version. With the different features, you can work faster, better, leverage more applications and more. Features include:

  • Communication on your Wall
  • Collaborate with the Task Manager
  • Use eyeSurveys to gain feedback
  • Integrate with the XenApp for on-demand application delivery

Pro features include:

  • Manage mail, calendar, files and contacts
  • Use the viewer to browse your files quickly
  • Edit files with eyeRun
  • Work offline with eyeSync
  • Access eyeOS from anywhere with incredible mobility
  • Use eyeDocs for better document creating
  • Create teams and projects
  • Assign tasks with the task manager
  • Share files with anybody
  • Communicate dynamically through the chat function
  • And more!

With all the powerful features, it’s necessary to get the best hosting possible for eyeOS.

Excellent Hosting for eyeOS

EyeOS requires great hosting with excellent support. If you want to get the most out of this powerful application, you need to choose hosting with the best possible features. Without great hosting, you won’t be able to use all the features of the application.

ITX Design offers plenty of hosting options perfect for eyeOS users. With three shared hosting options, three VPS hosting options and four dedicated server hosting options, you can choose the perfect package for your needs. Every package comes complete with 24/7 award-winning, technical support from experienced experts.

Whether you need the security of VPS hosting, your own dedicated server or you’re just getting started and need an inexpensive shared hosting option, ITX Design can provide exactly what you need. All packages give users plenty of options and resources, on the best servers in the business. Choose from packages starting as low as $4.95 per month.

Hosting Options for All Users

If you’re looking for excellent eyeOS hosting and you’re planning to grow, a hosting company with more than shared hosting options will provide exactly what you need. This will allow you to grow at your pace and upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting when the time comes.

Of course, if you need the best possible security found for eyeOS hosting, starting with a VPS or dedicated hosting option will give you exactly what you need. Both provide custom security options and your own set of resources. Compared to using shared hosting for eyeOS, either option allows more speed, space and overall resources.

With the top support in the business, excellent options, up-to-date technology and the ability to provide excellent eyeOS hosting, ITX Design is the best choice for your hosting needs. Get started today with one of the many hosting packages.

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