DDoS Hosting

Understanding DDoS Hosting and Why It’s Important

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This is a type of attack that can take down your entire website and usually happens with a virus called a Trojan. These viruses are used to attack a single system, which causes a Denial of Service.

This type of attack can affect both the targeted system and the other systems the hacker gains control of through the distributed attack. The attack is sophisticated enjoy that blocking one single IP address cannot stop it. Typically, the hacker will attack the victim with many different traffic sources, which can range up to hundreds of thousands.

When this happens, it’s very hard to figure out which traffic is coming from real users and which traffic is coming from the attacker. This makes it very difficult to stop the attack without the right type of DDoS hosting and protection.

Will it Happen to You?

A DDoS attack can happen to anybody running an online business, blog or website. It can interrupt your revenue streams and cause massive issues for your business. Sometimes the attack comes from a competitor, criminal or just someone trying to cause issues for your business. They will cut off the connection your customer’s have with your website and cause your entire website to perform poorly.

DDoS attacks are the largest growing attacks currently and they are spreading very fast. This is due to the lower cost of initiating one of these attacks

Warding off the DDoS Attack

Fighting the attack won’t help much without the right software and security. Without DDoS hosting and protection, you will struggle to get through the attack without a huge financial loss. Using a company that employs proper DDoS protection from the beginning will make a difference and can help you avoid such an attack.

If you’re online business is an important part of your life, protecting it from any type of hacker, attack or security issues is vital to your success. Employing the right type of DDoS hosting will make a huge difference and will help you avoid the headaches of dealing with one of these attacks.

How Bad can it Get?

When downtime happens, you lose customers. People are trying to come to your website, but they cannot because it’s down. If this happens during the busiest times of the day, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Financial losses from a DDoS attack ultimately depend on your business, but some have estimated one minute of downtime can results in losses over $20,000.

Imagine if the attack costs you just one new customer. How much is that new customer worth over a full year, two years, five years or even ten years? This could add up in a hurry.

DDoS attacks cause an average downtime of 54 minutes, so whatever the loss would be for you losing your website traffic for one minute, multiply that by 54.

Website traffic and potential new customers are not the only issues you suffer when you don’t have good DDoS hosting. Other potential issues include:

  • Loss of Intellectual Property
  • Loss of Trade Secrets
  • Reputation Issues
  • Potential Lawsuits
  • Cost of Recovery
  • Damaged Equipment
  • And More!

This type of attack on your business can set you back and can even shut you down. If you cannot afford to lose any customers, you don’t want this type of thing happening to you.

With the right level of DDoS protection, you will be able to sleep easy knowing an attack won’t ruin your business. However, without good protection, you may end up wondering how you lost tens of thousands of dollars in less than an hour.

Finding the Right DDoS Hosting and Protection

Making sure your business is protected is important. You don’t want to wake up wishing you had DDoS protection because of an attack. Finding the right DDoS hosting and protection isn’t difficult.

Many top hosting companies offer this type of protection as an add-on or built into your hosting package. The right mitigation technology and a strong technical support staff will help keep your website protected.

Make sure to compare companies and find the right hosting choice for your DDoS hosting needs. You don’t want to get stuck with a company not capable of providing the best level of protection for your online business.


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