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cPanel vs Plesk

cPanel vs Plesk Comparison Table

The Battle is on – cPanel vs Plesk

The right admin area or control panel makes a huge difference for most webmasters. Whether you prefer one or another or you’re simply not sure, it’s important to choose hosting with the right control panel for your needs. A look at cPanel vs Plesk will help you decide between two of the most popular control panel options in the hosting industry.

Both cPanel and Plesk are full of great features and very similar in the way they function. However, they are different, as well. They have different security models and both are organized in a different way. Even though the differences might seem minor, for some web projects, they could be huge.

If you’re already used to using cPanel or Plesk, switching won’t be easy. It may cause frustration because you won’t know where anything is or how things operate with the new control panel. However, some websites feature guides to help you find features on a new control panel, which makes the journey easier if you need to switch.

Usability of cPanel vs Plesk

Usability is an important part of any control panel and you need one you can use without issue. Plesk and cPanel both provide video tutorials and a search within the panel. However, Plesk also offers a few added benefits including:

  • Optional server control from your mobile phone
  • Free iPad/Android App
  • A simplified user interface for non-hosters
  • Non-technical help for the beginner
  • Role-based user permissions
  • The ability to turn on features with a license key

cPanel Screenshot:

cPanel Screenshot

Plesk Screenshot:

Plesk Screenshot

Your Operating System Matters

When choosing between cPanel vs Plesk, the operating system you use will make a difference. Most Windows users will choose Plesk because it’s far better for Windows than cPanel. However developers often prefer cPanel because it supports CentOS, BSD distros, FreeBSD, RedHat and Linux OS. This gives developers the ability to do more with their control panel than Plesk does.

Plans and Cost

Of course, taking a good look at your budget and choosing a control panel that fits makes a difference in the cPanel vs Plesk debate, as well. If you intend to use the control panel for a very long time, it may not make much of a difference which one you choose.

However, cPanel only offers one plan, which is $425 per year or $35 per month. Plesk provides options for short-term use at $40 per month and they offer other types of accounts including the VPS unlimited use for $70 a month. You can choose from five different packages with Plesk.
cPanel vs Plesk

The Right Choice for Beginners

Since most beginners don’t know where to start when choosing a control panel, it’s important to address the needs of the novice user. CPanel is a very usable choice, but it’s not laid out in the best way. Plesk is laid out in a better way and provides easier navigation making it the better choice for most beginners.

However, cPanel provides options that are more powerful and allows users to restart things, such as FTP, DNS, POP3 and SSH services. Even though cPanel maybe a bit more powerful, Plesk is easier to start and functions better for the beginner.

The Right Choice for Advanced Users

Since cPanel provides options that are more powerful and supports more operating systems used by developers, it’s the choice for the advanced user, especially if you’re already familiar with it. Plesk is limited for developers and doesn’t provide the same functionality as cPanel.

The Overall Winner Between cPanel vs Plesk

Overall, the winner of the debate between cPanel vs Plesk depends on the user. If you’re new, you may prefer Plesk, but if you’re a beginner and you’re not using Windows, cPanel might be the better choice. Most advanced users will prefer cPanel, while some may prefer Plesk because they’re familiar with it. You can always use the demo feature of either to get an idea of which control panel you prefer.

Regardless of which you choose in the debate between cPanel vs Plesk, you will need great hosting. At ITX Design, we provide the best hosting backed by the top support team in the industry. If you’re looking for high quality hosting capable of supporting both cPanel and Plesk, our team of experts will gladly recommend a package for your needs.

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